Sunday, September 13, 2015

powering through

When does this Round of ROW80 end? I probably should figure that out, huh? So I know when I have to cut these goals off.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this Round the first of July, I leave for Kenya the day before the next Round starts, so I won’t be starting that Round until sometime after October 20 – I think I should at least give myself a couple days to get over jetlag before I worry about writing anything intelligent here.

In the meantime, what did I get done last week?

a. Read and comment on my weekly assigned blog posts as a ROW80 sponsor. Done.
b. Read 100 pages of “Shantarm”. Read about 80 pages, so that was close.
a. Write two blog posts here and three posts to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”. Done.
b. Edit 13 chapters of my novel, Jenny’s Story. . I edited I believe 15 chapters. Yeah!
c. Give my novel a better name than Jenny’s Story. So far I have “The Way Home”, “Finding the Way Home”, and “Family Matters Most.” Any of those catch anyone’s eye?  
d. Not do anything on my new novel, the working name of which is The Abbey. I sure hope I can make this goal! I just think I have too much going on right now, so this needs to wait until I get back.  Hey, I got this one!
a. How about if I post one update on each of my social media. And that’s it. I need to take a break from this I think. I did one update. Again, yeah, me!
a. Nonprofit organization (which right now is all about my trip to Kenya in October)
            1) Visit one more friend who raises chickens. Did not.
2) Read a couple chapters in the book I just downloaded to my Kindle on raising chickens. Read two and a half chapters. The book I have (because it was free) is pretty dry, not exciting reading. We’ll see how it goes.
3) Post a go-fund-me page update. Done. Read it here.
4) Message our Kenyan contact Izzo just to say, hey, can’t wait to see ya. Done. And he says that he can tote me and my friend wherever we need to go, as long as we pay for gas. I also heard from Compassion regarding visiting the Compassion child I sponsor and that trip is all ready to go.
b. Physical
1) Work out three times. I walked on the treadmill once, walked down my road once, and walked a half mile in town, so I think I got it.
c. Church
1) Get mentors for the college kids and military enlistees from our church. I have four of our 12 kids lined up. That’s not a bad start compared to other years.

And that’s all I got. I’m actually writing this Friday night (which means, I really powered through all these goals!). I have a wedding out of town Saturday night and have made the responsible decision to not take my laptop with. There just is not going to be time to bother getting it out until I get back home around noon on Sunday. My goals for the coming week will just pop up as they come.

Have a great week! And power through those goals!
From the wedding last October, which started my marathon of four out-of-town weddings in a year. The one this weekend is the last one. "sigh". Have one last wedding in two weeks which isn't technically out-of-town, just about 15 miles up the road. 


  1. Have a great trip to Kenya, is it a mission trip? Looks like you are doing well on your goals. I like the title "The Way Home". I don't know the plot, but that title is easy to remember and covers many topics.

    1. My trip to Kenya will be a fact-finding mission on behalf of my daughter's new nonprofit organization. I will be researching projects which future teams can work on. Our liaison in Kenya wants to start raising chickens at the school he works with, so I will be concentrating on the feasibility of that, along with coming up with other ideas.

      And interestingly enough, the novel I have been editing is about a woman who goes to Kenya on vacation and then goes back to do mission work!

  2. Excellent progress -- especially as you get closer to that trip to Kenya. I admire how you balance all of your commitments. That book title may continue to tease at you -- I like FINDING THE WAY HOME as it expresses that journey we all take to find our true home. And 4 weddings? Seriously! But how good to share in beginnings. Thank you also for being a sponsor for ROW80 and for your encouraging notes! Now back to reading that chicken book!

    1. Thanks, Beth, for all the support and encouragement. I have been busy. Right now, I'm looking for peace and quiet after the first of the new year!

  3. I think Finding the Way Home is good, but if it is about Jenny finding her way home would Finding MY Way Home work better? I don't know if it is all from Jenny's POV, but that just popped into my head when I was reading the titles.

    Raising chickens is so much fun for kids. Not sure if your contact means to have the kids take care of them or just have them there to provide food, but my kids have learned a lot and the chickens are so entertaining to watch. We only keep 4 so they are more pets than livestock, but I found The Idiots Guide to Raising Chickens very helpful and there are quite a few available inexpensively on

    Good luck from a ROW80 blog hopping friend.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. I've been looking into good books about raising chickens - trying to find cheap ones. I wish we had a good used book store nearby.

      In my novel, both Jenny and the African boy she befriends are trying to finding their way home. And though it's not in his POV, several other characters share their POV, which I need to work on coz I'm afraid it could be confusing to readers. So, I have a lot of work to do on it - when I get back from Kenya!