Sunday, May 22, 2016

decisions, decisions

It’s been another fantastic weekend as far as the weather goes in my part of the woods. On Friday, I planted my vege garden and bought plants – flowers, tomatoes, zucchini and peppers – at the greenhouse. Yesterday I planted most of the flowers and today will finish putting in the flowers as well as the vege plants. Of course, with my brown thumb, it’s anyone’s guess which of these plants will live, thrive and produce and which will wither away.

I wish I could expand my farming to include chickens or even goats, rabbits or ducks. Thursday after work I went to a coworker’s house to visit her chicks and ducklings. Aren’t they adorable?

Anyway, not only is the hubby not thrilled by the idea of raising poultry or livestock, I think that my three outside cats would unfortunately be very thrilled and would taunt and torment anything I brought on the property. Oh, well, on to other things. 

I’ve edited 17 chapters on my novel, which means I am at 43%. Whoo-hoo.

I’ve also researched a few agents, and as I shared a week ago, most of them prefer to meet you at a conference or you need to be referred by an author they already represent. It doesn’t mean that it is impossible to get them to look at your stuff, though, so I will keep researching.

Lastly, I’ve been looking at writers’ conferences which I could attend. There actually are quite a few within driving distance of where I live (of course, I can comfortably drive quite a ways, I’m thinking four or five hours.). It’s just a matter of paying for it and getting the time off from the day job. I’m trying to talk Hubby into going to Ireland in summer 2017, so really need to start saving money. Decisions, decisions.

What kinds of decisions do you struggle with in your writing career?  


  1. Great job on the editing! Good luck this week.

  2. Awesome on the editing! Ooh, Ireland. I really want to go there at least once in my lifetime.

  3. Ah, sounds like a fruitful work indeed. Life is filled with decisions. I would like to visit Ireland one of these days. being aboriginal first nation, I would stick out as a sore thumb.

  4. I do my best not to struggle. It takes energy away from the writing, you see...

    I keep a wide selection of goals so there's always something that fits the circumstances. Last week, we paid for a website, which probably means I'll pass by some other things that might catch my fancy the next few months, but this was worth it to me, so that's what I chose.

    When my daughter, almost 12, has a hard time choosing, I sometimes remind her that she's choosing for right now, not the rest of her life. Maybe that could help? Ireland in 2017 doesn't mean no conferences, ever...just maybe limits on which, when, and how you can attend.

    Best of luck in making the decision! =D