Sunday, May 29, 2016

trying to be positive

Let’s try to be upbeat and positive for a change. Um, that will be a challenge.

It has rained here most of the week, and even though we needed the moisture, I really need to see the sun. Possibly later today, and an even better chance on Memorial Day. (Speaking of the holiday, you should check out my other blog here.)

I’ve been puppy-sitting one of the grand-puppies the last two nights, so haven’t slept much. Both my 60-pound dog and the 75-pound puppy think they need to sleep in bed with us at night, but they also realize that they can’t have my husband’s side of the bed, which leaves me with about an 18-inch square space left on my side of the bed.

But I guess it’s worth it, because Buddy is just adorable. 

As far as my writing goals, I finished editing 31 chapters out of 39 of my novel, so that is 79%. I realize I have only three days left to finish by the end of the month, but I am feeling confident that I can get it done.

I do have to clean my entire house today, but not until after Buddy leaves, which should be shortly. Then Buddy, his cousin Wes and their parents (my son, my daughter and my son-in-law) will all be over on Monday for a cookout and to mess up my house again.

I’m starting to think that this thing of having only one goal per month is not working. I think I need more than one thing in my head at a time, and more than one thing to work on when I sit down at the computer each night. Otherwise I seem to just waste more time than usual.

I do think this month has been a nice break, though, and maybe I need to just plan long-range a little better. Such as, the month of June doesn’t have too much on my personal calendar, so I should be able to get lots done, right? 

Let me think about that and I’ll let you know on Wednesday’s checkin. Until then, how are your goals going? This Round is two-thirds complete. Are your goals that far along? 

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  1. Great job for getting so much editing done! We've been in the 80s(even 90) during the second half of this week. It's a bit too much for me. I wouldn't be too upset if it stayed in the 70s all year round.
    I've tried focusing on only one thing, and it just never works for me. Hope you can figure out the best way to handle your goals.