Wednesday, May 11, 2016

trying to stay accountable

Yeah! Finally a mid-week check-in, and one with something to report.

I have pulled myself out of my funk. I've been worried about what I've heard about several friends from high school. Well, all I can do is pray for them and their situations, I can’t take on their long-distance problems. I will always be there for them, but it’s not my job to pick them up when they fall. I have enough falling of my own to take care of.

My one main goal for the month of May is to do a thorough edit of my novel. I finally dragged it out again and have edited the first three chapters. That to me is success at this point.

I need to figure out a way to schedule only so much time every day for my daughter’s nonprofit. It continues to consume all of my waking hours, and some of my sleeping hours as well. I may have to drag out the white board again so that I can be more accountable.

Other than that, I am back on track blogging on the Dino Chronicles as well. My only current downfall is that I haven’t recommitted to the exercise regimen. Again, maybe something on that white board will hold me to it.

Are you staying committed to your goals? What kind of system do you use to keep you accountable? 

I didn’t feel like searching my pictures for the one shot I have of my white board and didn’t want to take another picture of it, so here is a photo of Hubby and me from our “escape for the day” ride up north last week. We really need to do this more often. 


  1. Congratulations on getting out of your funk! I'm sorry some of your friends are having such a hard time lately. I hope issues will be resolved speedily and peacefully for them.

    Accountability... ROW-80 is working this round. I have a planner I rely on otherwise.

    1. Thanks for the support. Also, best wishes with your own accountability.