Sunday, June 19, 2016

It is what it is

Well, here we go with excuses again. My daughter came over yesterday, unexpectedly, so we did work on the nonprofit organization, Tumaini Volunteers, but other than that I didn’t get much done, not even house-work. And Friday, the sun was just too welcoming to ignore, so I spent about three hours on my deck stocking up on my vitamin D for next winter (I don’t think it works that way, but I don’t really care).

By my count there is still about three days left in this Round.

Can I get this done:

1)      Finish writing my second memoir, the one that tells the adventures of my two most recent trips to Africa.  Okay, so here’s what happened. I found a contest which intrigued me. I immediately got a great idea for the story I could write for it. So, I still honestly have been productive, just not on my memoir, except that the story was inspired by something that happened on a trip to Africa, so I am really justified in my actions.  
2)      Research finding an agent or publisher for the first novel. Nope.
3)      Decide on a title for the novel.  Nope.  
4)      Promote one of my three already published books once a week. Nope.
5)      Redo my author website. Still working on it.
6)      Work on the nonprofit organization once a week. Yes, finally, a yes. My daughter and I worked on getting stuff ready for what may be our biggest sale yet, on the third of July. My son also called and asked if I could come down to his house next weekend as we will have the opportunity to meet with a church group there.  
7)      Continue with my ROW80 blog sponsor duties. Yes.   

(No color coding, because, well, what is there to even color-code?)

I’m going to say that I will power through this. But today, in addition to needing to vacuum through the whole house, I am meeting a friend from high school for lunch. Yes, I know that is really the priority because life is too short to clean house or to fret over a stumbling writing career. It is what it is.
In recognition of Father's Day, here's my dad with my brother and older sister, well before I was born.


  1. Love the picture!

    Yes, life is too short, and I think you're doing just fine. :)

    1. I had a nice visit with my friend yesterday and ran into her today at my day job. That was a pleasant surprise. She is only in town until the end of the week, but maybe I will run into her again.

  2. I'd say the story is definitely a worthwhile substitute for the memoir goal! And good job on the volunteer work. Sometimes the writing needs to make way for the real-life stuff.

    1. Thanks, Jennette, for the support. Not only do I need to stock up on Vitamin D for the winter, I need to stock up on memories to write about, right?

  3. Thanks for encouraging words that show me it IS possible to let go a little and nurture yourself. I think this malaise has spread! Maybe this feeling of not getting enough done is a reaction to doing too much?

    1. Glad that I am able to encourage someone else. The little pep talks I give myself in my own head don't always work as well as I hope.

  4. I used to feel guilty for those times when life came first - but then I came to see that the writing is better, when I am fulfilled not just in writing, but in living. I mean, as a homeschooling mom, should I EVER have felt guilty because I wasn't writing because I took my kids to the state museum?! As a wife, should I ever feel guilty because I left my laptop tucked away and spent a whole Sunday watching and talking about PBS documentaries with my Accomplice, or put it away early to do things husbands and wives ought to do from time to time if they'd like to remain happily married?

    As for the story born of the trip - the memoir will still be there. Going where the inspiration was sounds like just the thing to do. Sitting out in the sun is delightful - I spend a similar amount of time lately listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on Amazon, so that I could read the lyrics and learn to sing some of it (all will take a while!)

    All of this feeds my writing. I may not always easily be able to see how, but I know it's so the way I know there's more to the ocean than we can see from the surface.

    It looks to me as though you've made some good progress, even if in unexpected directions.

    1. Thanks, Shan, for all the great thoughts and encouragement. We can't write about life if we aren't living it, right?