Sunday, June 5, 2016

not an overachiever

Okay, so I haven’t dove into my new monthly list of goals yet. What can I say? 
Hubby and I took off Friday morning to spend the weekend in Iowa at his brother’s. We went to the Rhubarb Fest in the tiny town of Aledo, Illinois. (No, we didn't go by train.) It was pretty cool. And since I didn’t get home again until this afternoon, it meant not much got done on this list.

June Goals:
1)      Finish writing my second memoir, the one that tells the adventures of my two most recent trips to Africa.
2)      Research finding an agent or publisher for the first novel.
3)      Decide on a title for the novel.
4)      Promote one of my three already published books once a week.
5)      Redo my author website.
6)      Work on the nonprofit organization once a week. Ok. Yeah! Here is something I did this week. I signed up to have a booth at an Arts and Crafts Fair on July 3 to sell our Kenyan merch. And I have also recruited three people to help with it.
7)      Continue with my ROW80 blog sponsor duties. I haven’t been an overachiever, but I have read and commented on other blogs.

But June hasn’t even really announced itself. I mean, I just now turned the calendar in my kitchen.

How about you? Has it sunk in yet that it is June already? 


  1. It is still early in the month, and being away from home is definitely a good reason to not be on top of the list. Good luck this week.

    1. Thanks, Fallon. This week already feels like it is shot, but there is always next week.

  2. Ha! I'm having trouble remembering what day it is let alone what month! All I know is the weather has turned with the calendar page and it's unseasonably hot already (in the 90s here). Fallon's organization inspired me to think of ROW80 goals by the month, so I'm making progress. Wish you were at one of our craft fairs here. Will your organization be selling online at some point???? Do you carry a little notebook to catch your thoughts for that memoir? I'm hoping to hear more about the proposed title. Have a good week, Chris.

    1. Beth, I hope your warm weather is heading my way. There is a chance of frost here tonight, that does not make me very happy.
      Right now our organization has an etsy store, but it is in serious need of updating. I keep bugging my son to post our items for sale on our website, but he hasn't gotten around to it. I will keep you posted.