Sunday, July 17, 2016

Finally out of the Gate

Wednesday I posted a somewhat rambling list of the goals I have come up with for this Round. They are reasonable goals, but I hadn’t made them measurable. So here is my list of measurable goals for the rest of the Round and I’m not beating myself up that it has taken me two weeks to get it together. I’m also not going to kill myself to make up for lost time. And even though I have worked on a few of these things last week, I am starting fresh today.  

1)      My novel
a.       Do one more edit, typing up an outline for each chapter as I go. Spend one hour a day on it
b.      Spend three hours per week working on a pitch for publishers and agents
c.       Decide on a title. I think I have this one figured out, but still want to bounce it around in my head some more. These are the contenders:
The Way Home
Finding the Way Home
Where the Sky Meets the Sand
When Family Happens
Returning Home
Family Matters Most
A Mother Like That
Just Like That
2)      Blog twice a week here
3)      Blog three times a week on the Dino Chronicles  

Reading –
1)      Finish reading three books - “Little Bee”, “More Than a Story” and “My Maassai Life”  
2)      Read three ROW blog posts twice a week

1)      Update my website once a month
2)      Submit three pieces. This goal just came to mind. My goal for the year was originally to submit 18 pieces this year. I am at FOUR. That is so far behind I don’t even want to think about it. But I would still be happy with 12 for the entire year, so that is attainable.
3)      Once a week post something promoting my books or myself on each of my social media

1) Physical
a) Lose ten pound
                        b) Stop eating junk food and stop snacking between meals
                        c) Work out more faithfully
1- Exercise four mornings a week
2- Lift weights and/or run four nights a week
2)      Spiritual
a)      Read my Bible every night
b)      Read a devotion every day

1)      Start planning our next trip.
2)      Sign up for the fall round of craft shows as fundraisers

There you have it. I am finally off and running. (The picture is of my goofy dog last night on the pontoon boat. Looks like he's ready to leave the gate.) 


  1. He looks like he's having a blast!

    I think two weeks is fine if that's what you need to get the right goals for you, in the right format. I imagine you're going to move forward much more efficiently with a clearer sense of the way forward!

    Enjoy your first week out of the gate, Chris! =D

    1. Thanks, Shan, I haven't gotten much done yet, but I will get going soon.