Sunday, July 10, 2016

Half way through the year

Ok, well I missed the beginning of the third Round of Words by a week. Not only have I not had the time in the last week to think about this Round, I haven’t come up with any goals for the next 80 (73 now) days.

I need to start somewhere though, so here is what I started out the year with for goals for 2016. Green means I’ve worked on that goal, red means I have not and purple means that goal is dead to me.

1)         Finish editing my third devotional, “Early Ministry of Jesus” Ok, I am going to slash this one right away. The first two books in this series met with less than stellar reviews, so at this point, I don’t think pursuing the third book is worth my time.
2)         Finish editing my first novel, “Finding the Way Home” Finished one edit, but in the back of my mind, I am now seeing things which I need to change.
3)         Write second African memoir I plowed through a very rough draft of it. It still needs a ton of work.
4)         Start writing my second novel, “The Novitiate” Not yet, I am still doing some background research on it.
5)         Research getting an agent Not yet, but I did do some research on a publisher (guess this goal gets a half and half)
6)         Submit 12 pieces To be on track I should have submitted six by now and am only at four.  
7)         Have 4 pieces accepted Again, I should be at two to be on track and have only had one accepted and even though I count it in my own pathetic head, since it was a sure thing that my local paper would print my yearly blurb about my church’s community Easter dinner, well, I shouldn’t count it in the real world.
8)         Attend a writers’ conference Not yet and since I have decided not to go the one in Green Lake this year, I have no prospects on the horizon.
9)         Blog three times weekly in the Dino Chronicles I’ve had a lot of slips, but let’s do the math to see how bad. I posted 71 times through the end of June. That is 26 weeks meaning I should have posted 78 times, so am only behind by seven, which is just over one short per month, and at 91 %, so I’m saying I have met this one. 
10)       Blog twice a week here Using the same bat-shit crazy math, I should have posted 52 times so far this year, and was only at 41 by the end of the Round, which is 78%. I really think my goal should be to post 80% of the time – just an arbitrary number, but I’m gonna say my goal had been 75% prior to right now, so I’m good.

Ok, so that means I have worked on four and a half of my goals for the year. I guess that is pretty good. I need whatever validation I can get! But as stated in number 10 above, I think that reaching 80% should be considered success.

Let’s just stop with the numbers. I’ve got to focus on something using letters and words instead!
But not today. You will have to wait with baited breath until Wednesday’s check-in. (Meaning, it’s going to take me a few more days to get it together.)
Ok, so one other goal since the first of the year was to get my hair long enough to french braid it. Done! But so much for Loreal covering up my grey!


  1. Welcome to this round of ROW80, Chris! Wishing you the best of luck on all of your goals. :)

    1. Thanks, Denise, best wishes to you as well.

  2. "I need whatever validation I can get! But as stated in number 10 above, I think that reaching 80% should be considered success."

    80% is excellent. Please consider yourself validated.

    1. Thanks for the validation. In school 80% used to be a B. I guess a B average works, right?

  3. Long hair! French braid! Another goal reached. I am so impressed by your willingness to axe what doesn't seem to be working and to persevere on blogging (a very credible number of posts!). Re article writing, maybe some of your reflective pieces for Goal 1 that has been axed could be the basis for articles? Meanwhile, I appreciate all you have accomplished.

    1. Thanks, Beth, for your continued support. As soon as I get a decent picture of my longer hair from the front, I will post it.