Sunday, March 19, 2017

done for four weeks

Not a very productive week. Monday I didn’t get home from work til after 7:30 and Tuesday I got off work at 6:30 but stopped in at my women’s group for a few minutes. Also on Tuesday, a friend called me in crisis, so another friend and I went out to dinner with her on Wednesday night so she could get it off her chest. I know that kind of stuff is important, so I wouldn’t have done anything different. On Thursday, I got home probably around 6:30, but by then I had had it for the week. I was shot.

I had hoped to be ambitious on my day off, Friday, but got a slow start and then my son called, which again, I know is more important than some list of goals. We did talk about the nonprofit, so that was at least helpful.

Had planned on going shopping in the afternoon, but because I seemed to be behind all day, I didn’t get done nearly as much as I had hoped.

Lastly, Saturday, I got sucked into scanning and organizing my old family picture. While listening to Simon and Garfunkel. You can imagine what state of mind that left me in.

Let me try color-coding my progress again. I like the visual. Green highlight is goal accomplished. Yellow highlight is at least worked on. Red print is a total failure.

1)    Email my manuscript back to my editor and contact the publisher about dates, deadlines and how the cover is coming along. Done.
2)    Research venues for speaking engagements or book-signings and contact one of them. Not at all.
3)    Research places for submissions. Not at all.
4) Post three times to the Dino Chronicles.  I also need to commit to read other blogs.  Posted three times, but really didn’t read too many other blogs.
5) Hem another set of my daughter’s curtains. Hemmed one pair Friday and a single panel last night.
6) Finalize details of trip to Kenya. Ok, let me just come up with a list right now.
a) Go through my clothes and supplies I already have to see what I need. Done.
b) Go shopping. I need a new SD card for the camera, a new USB, comfort-food snacks, and a big bag of Jolly Ranchers for our host. And the few clothes I have to come up with that I need. Went shopping, but only for clothes and a new suitcase for my daughter.
c) Hunt for my Yellow Fever immunization card. I looked for it once again in every conceivable place in this house. No luck. I suppose I should call the clinic which issued the first one. Of course, I made it without it on the last trip, so I don’t think it’s the end of the world. Unless, of course, there is a Yellow Fever outbreak while we’re gone.   
7) Exercise three mornings and four evenings for at least 15 minutes each, including running three times. Sure, coz I’ve had time for this!
8) Try to go to my women’s group meeting on Tuesday night. Stopped in for about ten minutes. Does that count?  

Okay, so here’s the deal. Everything is just gonna be on hold until I get back from Kenya on April 15. That’s just the way it’s gonna be. I’ll let you know then how the trip went and start forward progress once again.

Have a good couple of weeks. 
Isn't this the most ridiculous picture? That's me in the middle with Mom and my sister Pat. (circa 1967) We are in the back of our pickup camper. I can't believe that all of us (with my dad and the dog) lived in the back of that camper for umpteen camping trips. 


  1. had me at Simon! Not that I have anything against Garfunkel, but Paul....he's a special kind of magic for my soul.

    If you get around to my post this week, you might get a treat. We appear to have been on similar wavelengths!

    I love the picture, Chris. You all look so very happy, and it makes me smile. I really like happy.

    It sounds like you did the things you needed to do, even if they weren't exactly the things you PLANNED to do.

    May your trip go even better than anticipated!

  2. Looks like you still got some things done, even if it wasn't everything you had planned. Hope you have a good trip.