Sunday, March 12, 2017

Gonna Do It

I made some headway this week. Unfortunately, I still put in way too many hours at the day-job. Don’t know when I’ll be able to cut back, but I’m thinking it doesn’t matter – the work is always going to be there and killing myself over it isn’t going to solve anything.

Here’s what I got done:

1) Finish editing the manuscript. Yes, at 8 Saturday morning. I will email it to my publisher sometime today.
2) Post three times to the Dino Chronicles.  Yes. I realized I was starting to be a downer in everything I wrote there, so decided to declare this Merriment March and will only post happy stories during the week.
3) Hem another set of my daughter’s curtains. Nope.
4) Finalize the list of things I need to do for the trip to Kenya and when they need to be done by. Still got the list in my head, but we did a few things this weekend – ordered our Visas and confirmed our ride to the airport and back (my hapless son!).
5) Exercise three mornings and four evenings for at least 15 minutes each. I exercised two mornings and four evenings, but can’t say I reached 15 minutes every time. I did make the crazy decision to start running again, so ran twice on the treadmill, for only about five minutes, but it’s a start.
6) Bonus points! I almost forgot. I updated my website.

I’m going to shoot for an even more productive week this time:

1)    Email my manuscript back to my editor and contact the publisher about dates, deadlines and how the cover is coming along.
2)    Research venues for speaking engagements or book-signings and contact one of them. I’m still not sure when my novel will be out, but I think that early summer is reasonable to set up some gigs. 
3)    Research places for submissions. I haven’t submitted anything since January and really should be working on that.
4) Post three times to the Dino Chronicles.  I also need to commit to read other blogs.  
5) Hem another set of my daughter’s curtains. Her entire upstairs is waiting for these curtains before she can declare it a finished project. I should post pictures of her progress sometime.
6) Finalize details of trip to Kenya. Ok, let me just come up with a list right now.
a) Go through my clothes and supplies I already have to see what I need.
b) Go shopping. I need a new SD card for the camera, a new USB, comfort-food snacks, and a big bag of Jolly Ranchers for our host. And the few clothes I have to come up with from above. 
c) Seek and find my yellow fever card. At least we have found out that we don't need a booster on it. Now I just have to find the proof that I had it.   
7) Exercise three mornings and four evenings for at least 15 minutes each, including running three times.
8) Try to go to my women’s group meeting on Tuesday night, coz it really is time that I start getting out in public again. I have to say the heck with work and just walk out the door at a reasonable time and have a life again.

Sounds ambitious to me. But I’m gonna do it!
My daughter's adorable little house. It needs a lot of work, but she is getting there. 


  1. Love your daughter's house!

    Looks like you did pretty well this week. :)

    1. Thanks, Erin, her house is pretty small inside, but perfect for her, her husband, and their roommate - who is their fix-it man and is doing all the repairs around the house. It also has a huge fenced backyard.

  2. Such a cute little house!

    It seems like you had a very productive week, here and there. Hooray! May this week be even better!

    1. Thanks, Shan, I'm gonna give it my best shot this week.

  3. Good luck on your upcoming trip to Kenya, Chris. Do you keep a travel checklist? I made one up on Word for packing/documents/what to bring for international and local travel and just update it for each trip. Printing out the updated copy makes it easy to check off what's next and add new items (like that yellow fever innoculation card)! But I wish you well on that trip to Kenya; you'll come home tired but inspired.

    You're also doing a great job of thinking ahead about speaking and promoting opportunities. That's an inspiration!