Sunday, June 18, 2017


Well, so much for being all fired up about getting back to the current novel. Didn’t look at it all week. The only thing I did get done was I wrote a poem and submitted it to a poetry contest.

My back is doing much better. For anyone out there with back problems who has not tried a chiropractor, you really need to make an appointment. Amazing how months and months of back pain are gone after two adjustments. I just need to heed my own advice, though, and go back as soon as the pain starts up again, instead of thinking it will get better on its own.

Other than that I have no idea where the week went again. Umm, nope, I got nothin. I am just lazy.

Hubby and I drove to Milwaukee on Friday, went to a Brewers game and then came home yesterday. Only gone about 28 hours, so that really didn’t cut into my writing time.

This coming week, to be honest, I got a feeling that it will be more of the same. Just being honest. I am thinking about heading to Minnesota on Friday to see my friend there who is having some medical issues. I work late tomorrow. A family friend passed away last night, so I have to squeeze the funeral in whenever that is. 

I will give it my best effort to write at least a little on Wednesday and Thursday nights. Let’s see if I can get that much done. 
(I hadn't been to Miller Park in Milwaukee before. It's pretty cool.) 

Oops, I just remembered two other things. Yesterday, on our way home, we stopped at my favorite used book store and I found two books I've been wanting to read forever. "Wild" by Cheryl Strayed and "On Writing" by Stephen King. As if I have time for reading besides. . .  but I'm gonna try. 

Also, just as my back is doing better, my daughter's went 'out' yesterday. We were going to go to her house for Father's Day for supper, already, but went a few hours earlier so we could help her clean her house. The poor thing walks around just as croaked as I do when my back is 'out'. 

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  1. For heaven's sakes, I didn't want to edit again, so I'm adding my own comment. I also am on Jury Duty this month, so am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that I don't get called.