Sunday, June 11, 2017

Productive week and a backache

I’m gonna have to make this post short as I am heading to my daughter’s this morning to meet the new grand-puppy.  

My back has been giving me an immense amount of grief all week. One of the perks of that is that I can’t do anything else around the house except lay out in the sun during the day and write on my novel during the night (especially the middle of the night when I can’t get comfortable in bed). Odd how my old, creaky office chair is more comfortable than my bed. The problem is that I can’t easily get out of either one of them. Chiropractor here I come.

With all this office chair time, you’d think I would have gotten more written, but at 2,328 words this week, I won’t complain. That’s the most I’ve written in months.

I also got another potential cover for my novel from my publisher this week. I definitely like this one the best. I think it captures the protagonist’s heart. 

Wish me luck with my back and my writing this week. Maybe now that the writing plug has been uncorked, I can write even when I’m not in pain.

Hoping that you have a productive week as well, while enjoying the summer weather. 


  1. I love the cover. Sorry about your back, I know this sounds strange, I would rather have my migraines then back problems.

    1. I will admit that I rather have the back pain. I can power through that, but those migraines I used to get put me right to bed.

  2. Wow! That new cover is compelling, one of the best I've seen and especially for the subject matter. Congratulations on all those words this week. I hope that back pain eases soon. Have you tried a hand-held massage machine? Sleeping on a cot? Cold (freezes the pain) or hot compresses (brings blood to the site)? A muscle relaxant? If all else fails, enjoy cuddling the grand-puppy. I didn't post yet for ROW80 and came here for inspiration. Instead, I'm wishing you continued good writing and a better back!

    1. I've been switching off between heat and cold for the back. The last time I tried a muscle relaxant it made me so loopy that I thought I'd lose my mind. I started looking at new mattresses, but the one we have is less than two years old and I sure hate spending the money.
      Had a good day with the new grandpuppy today and two of my other "grands". Watch for pictures on Facebook!