Sunday, July 30, 2017


Well, here we are, another Sunday and another update on my goals. Green highlight is goal accomplished. Yellow highlight is at least worked on. Red print is a total failure.

1) Print out my Press Kit in anticipation of handing it out. I printed one out and actually mailed it to a book store.  
2) Contact three places for book signings and / or readings. I mailed the media kit to that one book store and sent emails to two other bookstores and two college organizations. I should have earned some extra green for that.
3) Update my website, with the new book. Yes, finally.    
4) Non-writing things to do:
a. Secure another venue for a craft sale for the Nonprofit. Nope, but I emailed the other board members asking them to each secure a venue. Nothing yet from any of them, except for the one who is leaving next week going out of the country, so I will cut her some slack.  
b. Scan a dozen of my mom’s old pictures into the computer. Yep. I hadn’t been counting as I was doing them, but apparently, I scanned 12 right on the head.
c. Wash four windows in my house. Don’t know what I was thinking here. That sounds pretty ambitious. The hubby did power wash the whole house and I cleaned out his coat closet, so I guess something got done.   
d. Read half of “On writing” by Stephen King. I am really close to half-way through it, so I’m counting it.
**** Super extra points – I actually even spent an unscheduled evening working on the next novel. Wrote 559 words. Not a breath-taking number, but a number nonetheless.

Holy cow. I guess that’s why I do the color-code thing. Look at all that green and no red. Whoot-whoot. I might have to pace myself this coming week. I have to work all five days, not going to get my usual Friday off from the day job. Also, the hubby’s former co-worker is going to be in town and wants to go out Wednesday night. I also have the craft show on Saturday. Wow, and it’s going to be August this week. Where has the summer gone???

So, for the upcoming week:
1) Print out another copy of my Press Kit. This really shouldn’t be a big deal, but I am having problems with my printer, so it’s anybody’s guess if or when it will print anything.   
2) Contact three more places for book signings and / or readings. I have a few more on my list to contact, but it’s starting to get thin.
3) Since I was such a rock star last week, I’m gonna try writing 1,000 words on the new novel this week.
4) Continue posting a plug for the new novel, “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”, on all my social media. Did you see I have one review for it? Whoot-whoot.
5) Non-writing things to do:
a. Scan a dozen of my mom’s old pictures into the computer.
b. Finish reading “On Writing” by Stephen King. 

Wishing you all a productive upcoming week. 
The last old picture I scanned. Dad at the kitchen table in 1955. We had that table and chairs til after I graduated from high school, but the rest of the kitchen took a major remodel before I was born. 
Oops, let me add one more goal. I see I need to update my Facebook author page with the new book! How could I have forgotten that!


  1. Looks like a really great week! Color-coding does help to see that when we think we didn't get as much done. :) Great job!

  2. Thanks, Fallon. I really hadn't thought I did much last week til I really checked it out.