Sunday, September 9, 2012

Have I broke the barrier?

It would appear that I have finally broken the single digit barrier on achieving my weekly writing goals.

Since I haven't listed all my goals in a while, here they are:

1) Work on my book nine hours a week. That's one hour a day and two on weekends. Doesn't sound like so much, but this is the toughest one to do it seems, with only three hours this week. I did also write a short story though so that raises this score to a 4.
2) Add to my social networks twice a week. This one is always easy, as I continue to waste time on the internet. Give myself the usual 2.
3) Do research on my novel for one hour. Zero for the week.
4) Research agents, markets, etc. for one hour. Zero.
5) Post on my other blog according to my schedule of three times a week. Another fairly easy and regular goal, so give me a 3.
6) Submit something somewhere, anywhere. Yes, I did this this week. A biggy. As much as I want to be published, this goal still eludes me the most. But I did it yesterday. I submitted a short piece to Reminisce Magazine. That is one big happy single point.

Which all means that out of 17 points, I get 10 for the week. Now, can I go for 11 next week?

(Oh, and I took the picture at Judson Tower, at the Green Lake Conference Center last month.)


  1. Not bad! Not bad at all. Committing that large block of time to writing can be tough, especially since there is often a lot of invisible think time associated with it.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. It's especially hard to find the time when working full time and dealing with other commitments. But we plug along, don't we?