Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What am I digging up?

I really didn't think I did much so far this week. Wednesday still rather sneaks up on me.

I guess my biggest accomplishment this week was that I submitted a poem to Wilda Morris's monthly poetry challenge. Not a huge deal, but considering that I submitted a short piece to Catholic Forester Magazine the week before, I am ahead of the game on submissions.

Looking at my other goals, I have posted to one of my two blogs every day and have commented on someone else's blog every day. I have added to two of my social networks. I have worked on marketing my book, but have tried to let it go at least a little bit. I am making myself, and probably everybody I know, crazy, by mentioning it every time I turn around, and here I go, doing it again. But you asked.

Wish I was digging up something good, but I guess that is why I only lasted as a journalism major for one semester in college. I think the good stories are in my head and not in the dirt somewhere.


  1. Sometimes digging feels as futile as the toy in the picture. I've seen my kids sit at one, just to realize some other kid already dug a circular trench in the exact place the shovel reaches.

    1. Sometimes we need futility to feel like we can accomplish something.

  2. Sometimes it's not that you aren't good at digging in the dirt--just that you've got the wrong tools. Hard to dig through shale with a trowel... And the goal is often many layers below the ground.

  3. Hi, Chris. I sure agree with you that Wednesday creeps up on us! Your post suggests progress in a lot of different areas, including submitting (which for many of us is the toughest). I'm a fan of digging. Maybe because I lean more to being a 'pantser' than a 'planner', though ROW80 certainly helps me stay more accountable. Sometimes digging into story leads us to exciting insights, new directions. I say, "Keep digging!"

  4. I chuckled when I read the line about the stories not being in the dirt....because a central theme of the novel I am drafting is an alien invasion on a pristine world. The intruders are mining, and, in the process, poisoning the natives, who call the huge operation the Diggings....

    Two submissions so close together is very brave!

    I say, keep on never know what will turn up!