Wednesday, January 23, 2013

What ride am I on?

Sometimes life still feels like a roller coaster. Do you remember being a teenager? If it wasn't one crisis it was another. You could be walking on a cloud one minute (the cute guy in History asked you to the dance) and the next you want to crawl in a hole (why did I get a zit in the middle of my nose the morning of the dance!). Or you are ecstatic because you got a C+ on that really hard Calculus test but bummed because you got a B+ on that easy English paper. And don't even think about driver's ed!

How did anyone survive to become an adult?

And then, here at fifty-one, I still have those weeks! Only now, God bless those hormones, I don't even need something to trigger the roller coaster ride. I just take off!

Anyway, I am venting. I also have a headache (imagine that!). So let me get to it. What have I done so far this week?

After having all of last week off, with high hopes of working on my novel, I finally looked at it on Sunday night. After neglecting it so long, I have to read the whole thing first to know where I am at. Arrgh. And I haven't been back to it since then.

I've continued to post on either this blog or my other blog every day this month. I did some adding to the social networks and I commented on a few blogs. I even did spend some time researching markets.

It just always feels like by the time Wednesday night comes, I have nothing to show for the week. I cruise into Thursday telling myself that I will get it all done on my three-day weekend. Sigh. Even though I didn't work at the day job last week, can you tell I still need a vacation?  Not one to an amusement park, though, I get enough of those kinds of rides.

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  1. Poor thingh I hate it when weeks go like that - but you have done well blogging and now youv'e looked at book it will flood back and you will take it up again with a grin:) all the best:)