Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How quick can I post this blog?

Wednesday Check In

So, how is your weather? It is snowing here, but so far we haven't gotten as much as was forecasted. It is, however, still early.

I am on my lunch break at work and thought I would rattle something off, so that I could get this posted before late evening, which is my usual MO. Which means I waste much of my evening writing my blog, correcting it, adding pictures, etc. I promised myself a long time ago that I wouldn't spend so much time on my blog, but I have been pretty lax on that lately. I need to spend my evenings working on my novel, not boring a handful of faithful blog followers.

So here is my short sweet post for today, as I have to get back to work in five minutes (I spend most of my break time from work reading other people's blogs).

And since I am at work I don't have exact statistics for you. But I can take a guess. I know that I have added to my social networks, and I am pretty sure that I commented on four or five other blogs. I sadly have not dragged out my novel in the last ten days. I really, really, REALLY need to do that! Um, what else, oh, I have been working on my presentation which is for a women's group on February 27. I have most of the slides together, I just have to decide exactly what I am going to say about them.

Other than that, I've not been doing much, except checking on the weather. Gotta go. Whew, two minutes to spare.


  1. Well done on getting the check in online. It sounds as though you're doing great with your goals. Keep going. :) x

  2. It has been cold here in my neck of the woods as well. It has snowed twice this winter -- and that is saying something because I live in Arizona. Yes, I am a winter wimp!

  3. It's nice to use our time to do a quick post! I spend so much of my time visitin' favorite things to do! Have a nice evening!

  4. A quick post is better than no post - but not as good as a novel!
    Good luck with your goals for this ROW80.