Sunday, February 3, 2013

What do my month-end points look like?

Daily goals –
1-                           write for an hour a day - oops, doesn't look like I really wrote anything this week, just two extra blog posts - 2 points 
2-                           market my book or other current project for one hour a day - this is always such a tough one to keep track of since I market constantly, but is it anything tangible? I wrote down four hours so will give myself – 4 points 
3-                           comment on one other blog - actually I wrote down that I commented on ten blogs, so can I give myself ten points or can I save some points for next week? OK, I will once again take credit where I can – 10 points 

Weekly goals –
1-     posted to Dino Chronicles three times this week – three points 
2-     posted to Writing What I Can When I Can twice this week – two points 
3-     worked on my social networks, by adding to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Goodreads – three points per week

Monthly goals-
1-     Do research on my novel – still have not gotten to this
2-     Submit something somewhere – still hanging onto those two things I submitted early in the month  - ten points
Bonus - I did post to one of my two blogs every day for the entire month of January, so I think that 10 bonus points is reasonable

Year-end goal-
          Finish my novel - right, obviously have not done this – 0 points

Sweet, so that means I give myself 44 points for the week and for the month, out of a total of 40 points. Awesome!

This is Fred. He thinks I am so awesome that he had to get really up close to me. 


  1. I confess, I don't quite get your point system, but I'm sure it probably is better than my own "well yeah, I need to get back to X" and leaving it at that...

    Fred reminds me of my cat Stimpy. His face is always in the camera. And see? His nose DID have something to do with your check-in! He was telling you, "You're awesome, now go finish that novel so the rest of the world knows it too." ;-)

    1. Thanks, Eden, for the comment. And I am sure that Fred is telling me, "put the camera down and feed me."