Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How does you network grow?

Not to bore you with more of statistics, but you know my points system? Those are not the only numbers I tally each week.

Every Sunday morning, after I post my blog, I check to see how many people are following me on all the social networks. So here is how those figures have grown since I started keeping track in June of 2012.

Facebook   249 then 325 now
Twitter        191 then 529 now
LinkedIn       48 then  257 now
GoodReads  42 then 190 now

When I look at the numbers that way, it looks pretty good. When I look each week and have only grown by 20 or 30 between all of them, it doesn't seem like much. I still don't get much out of Twitter; I haven't felt as if I've promoted myself there at all. Too many people clicking through too many tweets. How does one stand out with all that input? I like LinkedIn and Goodreads because I actually have connected with people.

What social networks do you belong to and how important is it to you that your numbers grow?

My garden last May

My garden in July


  1. I belong to the usual suspects same as you. I did notice, the more active I was on Twitter, the more followers I got and the more connections I made. Listing people helps--then you can just follow certain lists.

    Lately I've been enamored of Pinterest, it's so relaxing and make-believe-ish. One of my boards is for a work in progress.

    1. Yes, I am on Pinterest too. It is really easy to get lost and waste time there, though. I had planned on using it to help with research for my writing, but found it all too distracting. :)