Sunday, February 17, 2013

Is anyone reading this post?

Just one more post on the numbers game. Does everyone else keep track of the number of views they get on each of their blog posts? Sometimes I look at those numbers and try to figure out why so many people saw that particular post. I've read that labels you attach to your post helps people find you, but some posts which I haven't labeled at all, get a whole lot of views. Or is it the time of day I post my blog? On the weekends, that sometimes seems to make a difference. But not always.

I don't know. I am generally happy with the number of views I get on my blog, but I just wish I could figure out the rhyme and reason of it.

But what did I accomplish this week?

Daily goals –
1-                           write for an hour a day, this could be working on my book, writing articles, short stories or poetry, or writing extra blogs (my assigned posts don’t count) – I actually have gotten back to working on my novel, but of course I was lousy keeping track of how long I worked on it this week. I know that it was at least three times this week and I know it was close to an hour and a half each night, so I am going to round that up to five points. 
2-                           market my book or other current project for one hour a day, this could include researching markets for my articles, devotions, or other writing to various markets, as well as keeping my nose to the grindstone of getting my book sold – I still think I need to better define this goal. I talked to three new people about my book this week; I didn't sell them one right then and there, but I planted the seed. I also have sent messages to a bunch of my new LinkedIn people. Oh, and I mailed out another book this week to one of the charities which I mentin in the book. I think that all counts, but time on it? Let's guess, three hours. 
3-                           comment on one other blog – I think I am getting pretty good at this, so six points. 

Weekly goals –
1-     post to Dino Chronicles three times a week – three points 
2-     post to Writing What I Can When I Can twice a week – two points 
3-     work on my social networks, by adding to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Pinterest each once a week – three points 

Monthly goals-
1-     Do research on my novel – five points per month - 0 points this month
2-     Submit something somewhere – five points per month - 0 points this month

Year-end goal-
          Finish my novel – 1000 points! - again 0 points


  1. Writing for an hour and promoting for an hour seem like reasonable goals. Sorry you didn't get to them as much as you wanted to, but there's always hope for next week! Good luck!

    1. Thanks, Kate, one thing I have learned is to take it week by week, or even day by day, or sometimes minute by minute.

  2. sounds like you're reaching goals:) marketing is so difficult to know how it's gone but planting seeds has to be good - all the best for the rest of the week:)

    1. Another thing I have learned is that advertising is tangible, marketing not always so much.

  3. I think there is a certain amount of chance to who reads what, when. People can be anywhere in the world, and keep wildly differing hours. Sometimes, I just bump into something that appeals, and so I read, and, maybe comment.

    I keep nocturnal hours, by the way...I am reading this just before 4 am, local time.

    You seem to be making good progress on your goals. Hooray!

  4. I read randomly, sometimes. I am here now because you are one of my sponsor visits for this session. I often read things with intriguing titles. I don't often judge by labels.

    You are making good progress toward your goals -Hooray!

  5. Chris -

    This is the third time I've written in this comment box - blogspot is being temperamental, today!

    I read things that intrigue me, and I focus more on the title than tags, labels, categories, and such - I tend to notice them after I read, and not before.

    I am also nocturnal - it's just past 4am here. And our weekends are Mondays and Tuesdays...

    Today, I am here because you are one of my sponsor visits, but I would likely have come anyway, since your title caught my attention.

    It sound like you are making good progress toward your goals...I like the idea of planting seeds, and seeing whether they germinate.

    Hooray for you!

  6. My fourth try to post a comment here....

    I am more drawn to titles than to labels. I read things that appeal, and often at strange hours, by mainstream standards.

    You are one of my sponsor visits, today, but I would have read anyway, because your title intrigued me.

    You are making solid progress toward your goals. Hooray!

    1. Shan, looks like all of your attempts to post a comment went through!