Sunday, March 17, 2013

Goals? What goals?

Even though I really have not been working on these goals at all, it is still good to drag them out once a week. Not so I can say - "You failure!" but so that I can say, we will try again next week. It also helps me to remember where I want to end up. 

Daily goals –
1-                           write for an hour a day, this could be working on my book, writing articles, short stories or poetry, or writing extra blogs (my assigned posts don’t count) – I actually finished chapter 28 on my novel and have 1500 words on chapter 29, so I am pretty pleased with that. I also wrote down a very rough outline of what else is going to happen.
2-                           market my book or other current project for one hour a day, this could include researching markets for my articles, devotions, or other writing to various markets, as well as keeping my nose to the grindstone of getting my book sold – You got me. Anything in particular that I can remember doing out of the ordinary? Oh, a friend emailed me about a book festival near her town in Minnesota, so I called and emailed the contact person, but haven't heard back yet. My friend's contact with this festival told her that they still have room available, so I might just mail in my registration on Monday and see what develops. 
3-                           comment on one other blog – I am clueless. I didn't comment on too many other blogs, but I know I did a few. 

Weekly goals –
1-     post to Dino Chronicles three times a week – Yes, even though I was braindead on Thursday, but I did write one on Friday. 
2-     post to Writing What I Can When I Can twice a week – Yes 
3-     work on my social networks, by adding to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Pinterest each once a week – Umm, I don't think I did this. 

Monthly goals-
1-     Do research on my novel – No, but the month is only half over.
2-     Submit something somewhere – I submitted a poem to my friend's monthly poetry challenge. 

Year-end goal-
          Finish my novel – Sure - I mean, not. 

And that's about it for now. Until next time . . . 
Goals? I don't know anything about goals. Just let me out of here!

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  1. Though you haven't made a ton of progress, Chris, you've got the right attitude about your goals. They're more of a guideline (a lot of ROWers change their goals as they go through the challenge, adjusting as life does).

    Still you've made progress, and you have time to make more. Keep at it. And have fun. Both are vital to success.