Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where am I going? Crazy? Too late!

So, I’ve decided that I cannot wait until a new round of ROW80 to set forth on my new and super-simple goals. You’ll see why by the time you reach the end of this post and discover that I have added a forth R to my reading, writing, reaching program for the next six weeks.

Reading – So what am I reading? Too much as usual. This is yet another thing I need to take care of – read one book at a time! No, probably not going to happen.

Right now I am reading “Reclaiming Lily” by Patti Lacy. That is my current fiction offering. “The Repurposed and Upcycled Life” by Michelle Rayburn would be the nonfiction book on my night stand. Each night I also try to read from my current devotion, “His Grace Is Sufficient But Decaf Is Not”. And lastly I am still trying to get through “The Story” version of the Bible. I really need to finish it and get on a regular Bible-reading schedule again.

Writing – Looking at the calendar it has indeed been a week since I have written on my novel. Nuts, and I had such a good start on getting back at it. I still blogged, but I think that was about all the creative writing I have done.

Reaching – Once again, I think that this goal wins the prize. This week I really did not even try to market my book. I have other things going on! I told you last time that my friend from Minnesota hooked me up with a book festival in Minnesota. So I signed up for that and the woman emailed me back to say, “great and if you give presentations I will try to set something up for you that weekend too.” I said, “that would be fantastic!” So we will see what happens.

Earlier in the week, though, I came home from work to two voice mails from people frantically telling me to turn on Channel 12, that I was on the news. Well, the news was over with for two hours by then. But I tracked it down on the internet  the next morning, and sure enough there was the rest of the interview which I had done at the TV station three weeks ago. Yet another 90 seconds of fame.

Readying – Ok, new goal and big announcement. I am going back to Africa. Yes, it is true. My daughter finally talked me into joining her when she returns to Kenya this spring. She is going to be gone for three months this time, spending most of the time trying to figure out how she can do what she loves – live in Kenya at least most of the time. I, however, live in the real world, the world of bills and commitments, the world I have told my daughter to never get involved in. “Don’t let anything tie you down,” I have preached to her. I know, probably not the best motherly advice you have heard, but that is who I am and who she is.

Anyway, we leave on May 5, and then I will come home alone (sniffle) two weeks later. Which means that between now and then I have a list of things to get done.

I am sure you will stay tuned and will be anxiously waiting to read more about it next time!

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  1. Enjoy Africa! That's the only continent I haven't been to. At least besides Antarctica.