Sunday, March 24, 2013

Was I crazy before? Just wait to read today's ending.

Reading – I am still reading the same three – well, I guess, four – books. None of them have really sucked me in, so that is why I am vacillating between them. I take that back. “His Grace is Sufficient” is excellent and I love it, but it is a devotional, so it seems like cheating to read more than one day at a time.

Oh, yes, and I have even started another book. “Ordinary People in God’s Hand: A Tribute to God by TEAM Zimbabwe Missionaries”. The first three chapters were so boring that I skimmed them (my apologies to the woman who loaned me the book, knowing the passion I have for missionary work in Africa). But now that the people are actually in Zimbabwe, starting to work, instead of just thinking about it and talking about, I hope that it gets more interesting.

I think my reading goal this week needs to be to finish one of these five books. Just sit down and read the whole thing in one sitting.

Writing – Yeah! I worked on my novel this week. I wrote 1108 words and finished chapter 29. I keep thinking about going back and making changes – I’ve decided that in one place it is just not going to work for the story to head in that direction. But I’m going to force myself to make due, bring the story back to where it needs to be, tell my characters to stop thinking they can run the show, and worry about going back and making changes later.

Reaching - I am still feeling the effects of my spot on the local news earlier this week. People sitting in the waiting room where I work have been greeting me from across the room all week with, “there’s the author”. Good thing I’m not embarrassed easily by stuff like that. I just nod and curtsy. I wish I could sell them all my book on the spot when that happens but my employer would greatly frown on that. I have slipped a few of these people my card though.  

Readying – Getting ready for my trip back to Africa really is my top priority goal. Friday I met with my daughter to figure out a few of the logistics, I can’t believe I am leaving our itinerary up to her.

Also we have run into a snag regarding the typhoid vaccine we both need. I think we have resigned ourselves to the fact that we will need to take the vaccine orally, which is four pills, taking one every other day, they need to stay refrigerated, you need to take it an hour before eating, and that all sounds so much more of a pain than one little shot in the arm.

I have also started asking for donated supplies to take with. Two of the people we will be visiting have very specific lists of things they need, so I will be working on that. I am sure that people I know will step forward and fulfill these wish lists.

One last thing. And this is truly crazy on my part. A co-worker has asked me to run a 5K with her the first part of June. I have never run more than a few hundred yards at one time in my entire life. I keep telling myself that it is only three miles. That seems so short when you are driving in the car! So, on top of everything else, I have started running, now that the weather is hovering around freezing and there are a few bare patches of pavement on my road. I am up to three-tenths of a mile. I know, can you say, “out of shape!”
This picture was taken exacty one year and one week ago. It is my road at the end of  my driveway. It doesn't look like that today. The snow banks are three feet high and only patches of the pavement are bare. 

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