Sunday, March 10, 2013

Why can't I keep track anymore?

I'm trying to figure out when the next round of ROW80 starts. I seem to have totally lost a handle on my goals and think I need a fresh start. I know that I can set new goals at any time, I just feel like such a slacker for giving up on these goals in the middle of the stream. 

As you know, if you read my mid-week post, I spent the week (when not at the fulltime, paying day-job) moving three of the rooms in my house. So now that my office has a new look and a new feel, it is taking me a bit to get my focus back. Oh, you know that that is just an excuse.

I'm still adding to the new writing space. I have another 30 or so  Snoopies or Peanuts characters to bring in yet. 

Daily goals –
1-                           write for an hour a day - believe it or not, I did write 815 on my novel this week. 
2-                           market my book or other current project for one hour a day - I probably haven't done this much this week. Lots of little things like, I don't know, putting a free ad for the book on my company's website's classified ads. 
3-                           comment on one other blog – I know that I didn't do this. 

Weekly goals –
1-     post to Dino Chronicles three times a week – I think I actually missed a post on the DC this week. 
2-     post to Writing What I Can When I Can twice a week – I think I did this. 
3-     work on my social networks, by adding to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads and Pinterest each once a week – I only added to a couple of the social networks. 

Monthly goals-
1-     Do research on my novel – No, but like usual I thought about. 
2-     Submit something somewhere – I actually just last night sent a short piece to be a guest post on a friend's blog. Does that count?

Year-end goal-
          Finish my novel – No, but I have to say that I only should have between 10,000 and 20,000 words left to write!

It appears that my biggest problem lately has been keeping track of anything!


  1. I like how you have your goals broken up, that's pretty cool. This round ends at the end of March, the ROW80 blog says Mar 28th. So, we have a couple weeks left in this round.
    Moving anything can be disorienting. Give yourself a break and maybe then when you dig back in it will feel fresh. Hope you have a good week.

    1. Thanks, S.J., I'm hoping that the creative juices take off in my new space.

  2. a new space can seem like a new start and fresh creativity - one can get bogged down with staleness within the sameness sometimes - you don't seem to have too badly on the goal front - its hard sometimes to keep track of everyhitng we need to be doing - untill they add a few more hours to our day I guess we will always have this problem - I blame the government wasting time on unnecessaries when they could be solving this time problem:) all the best for coming week

    1. Thanks for the comment, Alberta. So far I haven't done much in my new space except for rearranging stuff. But I am hopeful!

  3. Official start date for the next Round is 1st April. Hang in there. We all need a re-start at times. I know what you're feeling.