Thursday, July 4, 2013

Bucket List Woes

I know that this round started just a few days ago, and the whole point of this blog is to share the progress made on achieving my goals. Well, this is all about those biggy goals, the lifers. The things on your bucket list.

Riding in an airplane. Check.

Doing work in a third work country. Check.

Visiting a castle. Check.

Spending the night in a castle. OK, a girl has to have a few things left to strive for.

Running in a 5K. Stop right there. This was never on my bucket list. Never, ever. Not in any of my wildest dreams. Not even if they said, "you have to have a hundred things on your bucket list." And I was completely out of ideas by the time I got to 99. Not even then would I have ever said, "ok, I'll just add running this short 3.1 mile race. I can do that." Nope, not even then was this on my bucket list.

And then suddenly there I am.

This is just starting out. I don't know why I already look like I am in pain. 
Rounding the last corner and about to cross the finish line. 
 You can achieve any goal you set for yourself!


  1. Replies
    1. Annette, so every time I do something new, can I say, "oops, that should have been on my bucket list"? After I write it on my list, I can immediately check it off, and feel that certain satisfaction. It's kind of how I tackle housework on the weekends!

  2. great way to fill a bucket list - retrospective is something an oldie like moi understands:) must have a think - however what I do know is running will never pop onto it mistake or not!!!:)

    all the best with your goals:)

    1. Thanks for the comment and the encouragement, Alberta. You never know what crazy thing will pop unto that bucket list!