Sunday, July 14, 2013

Even less than usual this week...

I wasn't going to post here today, because, frankly, I haven't accomplished a single one of my goals this week.

It was another short week around here. We left Wednesday as soon as I got off work to go to the Christian Music Festival in Oshkosh. I had high hopes of at least doing something on the laptop in the evenings, but there was a power glitch - I don't understand it, but no outlet in our hotel room would supply electricity to the laptop and since the battery was painfully low already, I had nothing by the second day.

One day while I was there I did meet up with a fellow writer and we worked on the presentation we are giving at the Writer's Conference in Green Lake in August. So I guess that was one productive thing.

And one morning, I actually went for a mile run around the hotel's neighborhood.

I will try this week to get something checked off, but I already have a funeral Monday and a wedding next weekend. Does it never end???

So, I guess even the inflatables have to relieve themselves. 
Is any shopping cart really too big?
Train going to Canada, I guess. 

Miniature golf, in the parking lot, somehow it's not the same.
(These are random pictures from my weekend. Probably not what you would expect me to take pictures of at a Christian music festival. What can I say.)


  1. I took the kids camping last weekend, for an unschoolers' gathering. The campground has paid wi-fi, but the catch is that it's for just one device.

    I put it on my laptop - but also knew I would need to share said laptop. Between sharing and the general vibe of camping, I don't think I managed 2K words for those days...very minimal for me.

    And I LIKE your pictures. Mycamera decided to malfunction, and I didn't get one shot all weekend....really, I am not pouting.....

    You're living. Sometimes the thing that's gotta give is writing.

  2. The weekend before, I decided to go wading in Lake Superior with my camera in my pocket. It was two days before it dried out enough to work. The whole time I was so fearful it would never work again! Between my camera and my laptop - I don't know which I could survive without.