Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Hump Day Humph

On Sunday’s post I mentioned that I might add two more personal goals. Here are the stories behind each of them.  

First of all, I got roped into working on the Children’s Christmas Program for church again this year. I knew that I would, so I don’t know why I wasn’t working on it months ago. I met with our teacher last week and she gave me some potential programs and I had already looked on the internet and through some books I had found at church. Historically we have always had poor participation at rehearsals, plus we will have maybe a dozen elementary age kids and about the same number of junior high and high school kids. And no budget. Meaning we have to keep it simple.

Last Friday night I talked on the phone with the mom who is going to work on this with me and we at least came up with a theme. I sat down last night, looked at all the material I had gathered so far and said, “I just have to write this myself from scratch.” So that’s what I did until 11:00 last night.

So, the program is 90% written. It needs some tweaking and my music director is going to have to help us pick out what songs to use, but otherwise I think it is ok. The rest of the goal from now until December 21, the night of the program, is to pull it all together.

Second new goal, and now I might lose you. My husband and I have been talking for a few years about getting our emergency supplies together. We want to be prepared for anything, from the realistic (we are hit with a huge blizzard, the power is out for days, we can’t get out of the yard, much less into town, what do we have on hand that we can live off of, can we keep the house warm, etc.) to the barely remotely possible (the US is under nuclear attack, the Twin Cities is targeted, we need to travel as far north as we can to avoid radiation fall-out, do we have stuff ready to throw in the car, do we have enough gas, how fast can we be ready to move out, etc.) to the paranoid sci-fi (the country has made it mandatory that we all have computer chips implanted to be able to do any financial transactions, seek medical treatment, make any purchases, my husband and I are committed that we will not bow down to Big Brother in this way, how long can we last holed up in our house, with the supplies that we have, what is our contingency plan, etc.)

Saturday we started working on our lists and gathering our supplies. My goal by the end of the year is to have everything together and ready for any kind of catastrophe, holocaust or crisis that might bombard us. Anybody else sharing that wavelength with me?

You might also be thinking that these two goals are counterproductive. I am planning a Children’s Program at the same time I am planning for the end of the world? My husband’s rationale is that no matter how much faith a person has you still have a will to live. I don’t know. I believe it is all in God’s hands, but I just rather die warm and cozy with a full belly. 

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  1. In the 1950s, my grandfather set aside a bedroom as a supply room -- water, food, etc. We kids were never allowed to play in that room. Then, maybe in the 1970s, the room returned to a guest room. I believe he would have been a survivor with or without that room. We never can be sure what our future will bring, but we plan each day with hope and commitment. Maybe there's a story embedded in these experiences. Hope your coming week goes well.