Wednesday, November 6, 2013

You can never spend too much time with old friends.

On Sunday, I posted that I spent the day Saturday at a medical assistant conference, where I was able to get caught up with friends from around the state. Friends which I only see at these conferences a few times a year. I took the scenic route there however, stopping at another friend's house just to visit for a few hours. I've known Susan since my first writers conference in 2010, and though we live only 40 miles apart, we only see each other at the Green Lake Writers Conference. Earlier in the week, I had emailed her and said, if you aren't busy Friday I am going to stop in. We had a great visit.
Then on Sunday, more old friends. Three of the women I worked with at my last job descended upon my house. Because they each work weekends, it's hard to find a day we are all able to get together. Last week when Linda called and said, we are all off on Sunday and we are coming over, what could I say? Again, it was another great visit.
The bottom line, not much reading, writing or reaching got done this week. But laughing and bonding with old friends is worth more than gold. I'm just sorry that I didn't take pictures of everyone!!!
This is yet another friend, Lisa Klarner. She spoke about social anxiety disorder at our conference on Saturday and it was great catching up with her too.  


  1. Laughing with friends is certainly worth more than gold!
    I should do more of that.

  2. I think time with friends fuels my writing, and so do conferences and conventions. It seems like a lovely weekend that will feed your soul for a long time to come.

    May your words be as abundant and fulfilling as that time spent with friends! =D