Saturday, January 28, 2017

Like an Avalanche

My personal life has continued to feel like an avalanche bearing down on me. I honestly don’t see an end in sight, but if this is what life has handed me, there’s no reason to put that life on hold. I had a meltdown one night last week, but have gotten a grip on things and am going to plow forward.

Here’s what I had hoped to accomplish this past week and how I actually did. Green highlights were a success, yellow highlights were at least worked on and red were epic fails.  

     1)    Write a chapter in my new novel, “The Big House”, but only after I have finished the edits in #2. Since I only finished #2 in the wee hours of this morning, I did not get to this.
     2)    Finish the first round of edits on “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”. Finished at three this morning.
     3)    Post to The DinoChronicles three times. Only wrote new posts twice.
     4)    Make those plane reservations for the return trip to Kenya. Yes and got them at a great price with good connections.
     5)    Start those Foundation Training exercises to cure my back pain. Have slowly been working into them. Hey, and with all the stress of the last week, I have lost that five pounds I’ve been working on for six months. Probably not the way to do it though, huh?

That actually doesn’t look too bad considering I didn’t get home until after six each night all week. It was past seven thirty the night of my meltdown. Of course, something has to give, so my house is in dire need of a good cleaning. It doesn’t smell yet, though, so I’m not going to kill myself and who says the Christmas decorations have to come down before February?  

Next week my plan is to:
1)    Write a chapter in the new novel, “The Big House”. I also really need to start coming up with a name for it. “The Big House” is just the working title that I’ve been using coz I need to call it something.
2)    Send that first round of edits on “Where the Sky Meets the Sand” to my editor. I’d like to whip through it one more time tomorrow before I email it on Monday, but we’ll see how much time I have.
3)    Post to The DinoChronicles three times.
4)    Raise the final thousand dollars for our trip to Kenya. We have enough money in the bank to pay for the project we will be doing, but the policy of our nonprofit is to pay the expenses of our team leader, who is going to be my daughter Val this trip. I know she would pay her own way if she needs to, but with all the work she is already doing, I really want her to not have to worry about money on top of everything else.
5)    Get on track with the Foundation Training exercises. The plan states I am supposed to be doing these exercises for 15 minutes just three times per week. I am still muddling through learning them, so doing them for just a few minutes a day to get them straight in my head. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but it’s how I have to do it. Hopefully this week, I can get on that 15 minute/three times a week schedule.
6)    Put away the Christmas decorations!

If you would like to give a tax-deductible donation to send my daughter to Kenya, you can mail it to: Tumaini Volunteers, Inc., PO Box 726, Wausau, WI  54402 or donate directly through our website. Thanks and have a good week. 
My beautiful daughter with her brother and her husband, at my mother-in-law's house. At least I don't have as many Christmas decorations as she has. 

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  1. Your plans are so organized and detailed as is your reflection on what you DID accomplish (they read a lot like my weekly lesson plans for first graders!). I'm certain you're a very successful writer with how goal-oriented you are. Christy