Saturday, January 21, 2017

Starting Over . . .Kind of

I started my original blog, The Dino Chronicles, in the spring of 2010. I’d always wanted to be a writer and my daughter suggested it as a way to start sharing my story. It also has been a great motivator in getting me to write something at least a couple times a week.   

A few years later, I decided that I should start a separate blog in which to share my writing progress. About the time I had made that decision, I had discovered the blog Round of Words in 80 Days, a community of other writers. It was a great way to post my writing goals and progress twice a week – on Sundays and Wednesdays - and to keep me accountable.

For various reasons, I have decided to break from the Round of Words in 80 Days group. I’ll still post my writing progress here, at least once a week, but probably on Saturdays instead of Sundays. I’ll post mid-week if I have something exciting to share.  

Here’s what I had hoped to accomplish in the last week. What actually happened is highlighted in green, what was worked on is highlighted in yellow and what I never even looked at is in red.

1)        Work on my current novel, “The Big House”.  Not at all.
2)        Work on edits for “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”. I am through 100 pages out of 280.  Not nearly as far as I had hoped, but at least I made progress..
3)        Post to my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles” three times a week. Only posted twice this week.    
4)        Submit a piece to some place for publication.  I submitted a poem to “Voices on the Wind” poetry journal.
5)        Work on scheduling a book signing or presentation. Nope.
6)        Finalize return trip to Kenya with our nonprofit Tumaini Volunteers.  Nope, but we are making our plane reservations today! Yeah!   
8)        Begin working out using the techniques from The Foundation Training book. I haven’t read far enough in the book to start the workouts yet, but I am at least getting close. Next week. Haven’t we all heard that before?

In the coming week, I hope to:

      1)    Write a chapter in my new novel, “The Big House”, but only after I have finished the edits in #2
      2)    Finish this round of edits on “Where the Sky Meets the Sand”
      3)    Post to The Dino Chronicles three times
      4)    Make those plane reservations for the return trip to Kenya
      5)    Start those Foundation Training exercises. I just found some of YouTube videos of them, so may try some of those as well

With the crazy schedule I have been keeping, and with all the chaos in my personal life, I think I am going to look at my goals on a week to week basis for a little while. Sometimes looking at the big picture of months or a year is exhausting.  

I’ll keep you posted as to all this pans out. 
 These pictures have nothing to do with what I just wrote. I just thought they were cute. Buddy, above, and Wesley, below. My grand-puppy Christmas elves.
Dino, the wonder dog, wanted no part of the elf photo shoot. 

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  1. Hello, Chris. Congratulations on submitting that poem and on making progress on your editing. Perhaps ROW80 has been as helpful to you (as it was for me), in helping set goals, track progress, and evaluate 2x/week. But I've also slipped to reporting in once a week. This seems more manageable -- but I hope you will continue to check in with ROW80 folks. Yes to lots of Dino doggie pictures, and yes, to amazing progress with your editing. Beth