Sunday, October 28, 2018

One Marathon is Finished

My handsome kids at the wedding last night. 
I knew that once again I would have a week where I just wouldn’t get much done. The wedding marathon is over now, at least, three out-of-town weddings three weekends in a row. Uf-da. I get to stay home next weekend, well, not really, but at least I don’t have to go out of town. Just work Saturday morning and a church event Sunday afternoon – but that’s a week away, so I shouldn’t be fretting already.

So here’s the sorry list of goals. If it is a goal which I accomplished, and it is done for the Round, I’ll highlight it in blue and then drop it off the list next time I post. If it is a goal which was accomplished this week, but I will do it all over again next week, I’ll highlight it in green and keep it on the list. The usual yellow highlight is goal at least worked on and red lettering is not even attempted, a complete fail. If there is no color at all, it’s a goal I just couldn’t work on for whatever lame reason. If new goals are added, they will be clearly marked as NEW GOAL.

1. Write three posts for my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”.  Done.
2. Write a chapter on my new novel, “New Old Spies.” Not done.
3. I want to read through my novel, “The Truth Beyond the River”, one more time before I send it to my editor November 4. Read seven chapters.
1. Promote myself or a piece of my writing (whether it be promoting one of my books, submitting a piece somewhere, saying something brilliant about my writing on my social media, etc.). Published a Facebook event for my book signing on November 16 at the First Street Coffee Shop.  
2. Contact three businesses about doing book signings or speaking engagements. None.
3. Secure three book signings or speaking engagements. None. Except for November 16, but I don’t think I should count that as it was scheduled before I came up with this goal. We’ll see.
1. Read the daily assignment in “Today’s Light” Study Bible. Actually am two days behind. Even botched this assignment.  
2. Read the daily devotion in “Jesus Calling”. Done.
3. Read five other people’s blog posts and comment on two of them. Read three and commented on one.
4. Finish half of the next book I started, “Till the Storm Passes By.” Finished it Sunday evening.   
5. Start reading another book, to be determined. Started reading “The Great Alone.”  Am up to chapter 4.
1. Physical
a. Increase my water intake, averaging 60 ounces per day.  Still working on it.
b. Exercise five mornings a week and three evenings. Hmm? I think it was four mornings and two or three evenings. My back has been out for about four weeks now. When it hangs on this long, I know I really need to go to the chiropractor, but my chiropractor retired recently, just about the time I got different insurance which has a huge co-pay. So, I guess I suffer.
2. Home fires
a. Scan 20 old pictures. Nope.   
b. Sew my Halloween costume. I put in a lot of time on it on yesterday and the day before. I’ll have to finish up tonight. Just kidding, no way I can finish sewing it tonight.    
3. Tumaini Volunteers
a. Promote TV on all of our social media. I posted an update on our Schwan’s Cares campaign. Also, sold a piece of art work on our Etsy page, which was none of my doing, but still should count for something.
b. Work on the Policy and Procedure Manual. NEW GOAL.

Hoping for a better week, or at least until next weekend. Again.  
Costume - just a t-shirt - easy-peasy - right? But I putz. 

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