Sunday, November 4, 2018

Another Week Down

Really shouldn't have taken me so long to put this together. 
I am once again not going to beat myself up over the lack of accomplished goals. Yet another busy week. Looking ahead? Not going to count on getting all this done by the end of the year. January is coming, though, and the schedule won’t get much lighter until then.

Here’s that list of wanna-be goals. If it is a goal which I accomplished, and it is done for the Round, I’ll highlight it in blue and then drop it off the list next time I post. If it is a goal which was accomplished this week, but I will do it all over again next week, I’ll highlight it in green and keep it on the list. The usual yellow highlight is goal at least worked on and red lettering is not even attempted, a complete fail. If there is no color at all, it’s a goal I just couldn’t work on for whatever lame reason. If new goals are added, they will be clearly marked as NEW GOAL.

1. Write three posts for my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”.  Done.
2. Write a chapter on my new novel, “New Old Spies.” Nope, none.
3. Read through my novel, “The Truth Beyond the River”, one more time before I send it to my editor November 4. Done. Yeah! Ready to email!
4. Work on my book proposal for “The Truth Beyond the River”. NEW GOAL.
1. Promote myself or a piece of my writing (whether it be promoting one of my books, submitting a piece somewhere, saying something brilliant about my writing on my social media, etc.). Promoted my two upcoming events on Facebook.   
2. Contact three businesses about doing book signings or speaking engagements. Nope, none.  
3. Secure three book signings or speaking engagements. Nope, nadda.
1. Read the daily assignment in “Today’s Light” Study Bible. Still two days behind.
2. Read the daily devotion in “Jesus Calling”. Done.
3. Read five other people’s blog posts and comment on two of them. Read four other blogs and commented on two.  
4. Read half of “The Great Alone.”  Been reading it, but only up to 30%.
1. Physical
a. Increase my water intake, averaging 60 ounces per day.  Getting close, I think.
b. Exercise five mornings a week and three evenings. I think it was only four mornings and three evenings. Somehow, I need to keep track. 
2. Home fires
a. Scan 20 old pictures. Nope.   
b. Sew my Halloween costume. Yeah! Got it done at 8:30 the night before. Better than my usual “get up at 4 am to finish it” nonsense.
a. Promote TV on all of our social media. Promoted the sale we are having next Saturday.
b. Work on the Policy and Procedure Manual. Nope, did not work on it.
c. BONUS GOAL. Worked for a couple hours last night on a grant application for the Rotary Club.

This coming week, I have church functions today, Monday night and Wednesday night. On Saturday, I’ll be at a craft sale all day. So, basically, not looking like I’ll have a lot of free time, but we’ll see.

 Are you finding your days filling up, with no extra time for anything? How do you cope with that?   

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  1. You've got progress in each section. I'd say that's a win, especially during busy times.