Sunday, November 25, 2018

Done with all of that

Looking over the list of goals that I have assigned myself each week I see that I really have accomplished very little in the past week. No, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. Monday and Tuesday night after work I was at church, I spent the day cleaning house Wednesday, we hosted Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, and Friday morning I took off to Minnesota with a friend and returned late yesterday afternoon. Hmm? Doesn’t leave too much time for anything other than sleeping and eating.

During that entire mad dash of a week, I was thinking about this blog and my writing goals and personal goals. Trying to put my head where it needs to be, willing my body to follow. I’ve decided that I am done with the list of goals until the first of the year.

Now, I have only two things I want to accomplish by December 31. First, of course, is the whole Christmas thing – the shopping, decorating, cookie baking, party attending, sending out cards. Oh, man, that one just dawned on me. It is so hard to give up the art of mailing Christmas cards to family and friends near and far. Every year, I think to myself – not going to do it, or at least I’m going to cut back. How’s that working for any of you reading this?

Ok, so there is all of that. The second goal is to finish my book proposal for “The Truth Beyond the River”. Today I was supposed to get back to my editor with my thoughts on all her basic suggestions. It might be a late night getting that done. After the manuscript is back in her capable hands, I need to get going on the proposal and query letter. I’ve sent a few out and now that I have talked to enough experts on the whole process, I can see why those fledgling attempts were failures. I just hope it’s not too late to wow an agent.

Anyway, so that’s that. I’ll still keep you posted but probably with a shortened update.

How are your goals coming along? Ready to hang it up until after the holidays? Oh, goodness, I just looked at the calendar and realize some of you may still be plowing through NaNoWriMo. I give you credit.
A quicky cover that I just threw together for the novel. 

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  1. Simplifying goals can be a good thing(though I am very not good at it myself). Hope it works out well for you.