Sunday, November 11, 2018

Another Blur of a Week

Well, about all I can say is that I got through another week. The craft sale yesterday was a bust for the nonprofit, but at least I sold five of my books. Other than that, the week was a bit of a blur. Looking at the colors below, it was mostly a blur of yellow, so I guess that’s not as bad as it could have been.

If it is a goal which I accomplished, and it is done for the Round, I’ll highlight it in blue and then drop it off the list next time I post. If it is a goal which was accomplished this week, but I will do it all over again next week, I’ll highlight it in green and keep it on the list. The usual yellow highlight is goal at least worked on and red lettering is not even attempted, a complete fail. If there is no color at all, it’s a goal I just couldn’t work on for whatever lame reason. If new goals are added, they will be clearly marked as NEW GOAL.

1. Write three posts for my other blog, “The Dino Chronicles”.  Done.
2. Write a chapter on my new novel, “New Old Spies.” Nope, none.
3. Work on my book proposal for “The Truth Beyond the River”. Nope, I opened the file and promptly closed it again.  
1. Promote myself or a piece of my writing (whether it be promoting one of my books, submitting a piece somewhere, saying something brilliant about my writing on my social media, etc.). Promoted my two upcoming events on Facebook. 
2. Contact three businesses about doing book signings or speaking engagements. Nope, none. But at least I did some research and have three places to contact this week.
3. Secure three book signings or speaking engagements. Nope, nadda.
1. Read the daily assignment in “Today’s Light” Study Bible. Still two days behind.
2. Read the daily devotion in “Jesus Calling”. Done.
3. Read five other people’s blog posts and comment on two of them. Read two other blogs and commented on two. I’m really slacking on this one.
4. Read half of “The Great Alone.”  Been reading it, so close 46%. Want to be to 75% by next check-in.
1. Physical
a. Increase my water intake, averaging 60 ounces per day.  Working on it.
b. Exercise five mornings a week and three evenings. I think it was only four mornings and two evenings.
2. Home Fires
a. Scan 20 old pictures. Nope, but I did take five rolls of our old 8mm home movies into a place to have them put on disc. I’m gonna count that for at least worked on.    
b. Clean the linen closet in the bathroom, in anticipation of ripping up the bathroom floor. NEW GOAL.
a. Promote TV on all of our social media. Promoted the sale we had yesterday.
b. Work on the Policy and Procedure Manual. Nope, did not look at it.
c. BONUS GOAL. I entered us in the MyGivingStory contest. If you don’t mind, please click on this link and vote for our nonprofit. The top prize is $10,000, the exact amount we still need to build the community center.
d. Mail out letters to our previous donors, asking for donations to our upcoming project. NEW GOAL.

I don’t think I have anything extra going on this week, except for the book signing on Friday. Yeah! Maybe I can get stuff done. 
At the sale yesterday. I usually don't take pictures with my phone and this is why. It looks blurry to me. My daughter says it's coz of some setting on the phone, but I think it's just the phone. My camera does a much better job, hand's down. 


  1. Some progress is definitely better than none(something I have to keep reminding myself of as well)

  2. This is a very "distract-able" time of the year. Our bodies and minds have been trained by thousands of years to see this as a settling in time, a time for gathering resources, not expending them. All this holiday rush with school, work and politics... it's draining, and we do it year after year after year, so we face each new spring without the winter's recuperation we needed...

    Something has to give. I'm sorry that some of the things you love are falling by the wayside... Forgive yourself and continue on. Progress is still progress.