Sunday, October 13, 2013

First CheckIn of the Round

Is it really time to post an update already? I just don’t know where the days go.

A. Daily goal
1. Read two other blog posts a day. Close.      
2. Read in at least one of the many books I am reading. Yes.     
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have finished reading five books. Ok, I already finished reading one, “A Beggars Purse” by Toni Nelson. Great book, and short too, an easy read.

A. Daily goal
1. Work on something for two hours a day.
a. Work on “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”, the second book in the Bible Stories in 40 Days series. No.                         
a. Write on my novel. No.
b. Write my blog posts. Yes.
B. Goals for the Round. We have a long ways to go yet.
                1. Have published “The Christmas Story in 40 Days”.
2. Have finished the first draft of “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”.
3. Have finished my novel.

A.      Weekly goal. Ok, I think all of these were epic failures. I know, I will get it together soon.
1. Have promoted either one of my books on one other site.
2. Comment on two other blog posts.
3. Research markets for an hour.  
4. Keep up on social media, responding to all messages.  
5. Have contacted one organization about a speaking engagement.
B. Goals for the Round
1. Have submitted three pieces somewhere.
2. Have booked three speaking engagements or book signings.

A. Exercise
1. Continue to run outside as weather permits or on the treadmill at least three times a week. Honestly, I think it was only twice in the last week.
2. Continue exercising three times a week. Yes.
B. Nonprofit

1. Continue working on Tumaini Volunteers, Inc. We had another meeting yesterday. We elected our Board of Directors. Yeah. Our next step is to finalize the Bylaws and the Budget, and open a bank account. 

One of the many reasons we are working so hard on the nonprofit. 


  1. Cute kid!

    Nothing is an epic failure the first week. You're still getting it together.

  2. What a beautiful face! I admire your efforts for the nonprofit. Bravo, and hey those epic failures really were nothing more that stalls. It's coming together. :)

  3. Thanks for the support. I didn't mention that my back went out on Saturday. Actually, that's good for the writing, as I plant myself in my office chair and then can never get up again!