Wednesday, October 16, 2013

This has got me excited.

I don't know where I am at with my goals for the week. I think I've gotten a good start on things. The most exciting event that happened is that my publisher finished the book trailer for my first book. I really kind of like it.

The final edits for the second book have been submitted and as I type this, they are working on typesetting the pages to see how the book is going to come together. I think we are way ahead of schedule so that the book will be out well before Christmas. Which means I can spend most of December beating the pavement to get it sold everywhere as Christmas presents.

I also need to add to my personal goals that I hope to get some sewing done this round. As I write this, a scrub top for work is just waiting to be hemmed. I'd like to make some tops out of the material I have from Africa too. And lastly I have enough quilt squares cut out to make a quilt big enough to cover my house. So, look for those goals when I post the whole list on Sunday.

For now? I have to be to work at seven am both tomorrow and the next day. I better get that top hemmed if I plan on wearing it tomorrow and than get to bed.


  1. Ooo do you show photos of the stuff you sew? I'd love to see it! Good luck :D

    1. I have posted a few pictures in the past, but just have been sewing so little in the last few years. Hopefully, I will take some pictures of my creations soon.