Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I just wanted to go home

Wednesday comes up so fast and the first days of the week are my busiest so I rarely get anything done.  Monday is my normal day to work until seven at night, but this week Monday I had the day off. I spent it with my daughter, her boyfriend and my husband, so actually I got even less done than usual. We went out of town for the day, which was the follow-up to going out of town both of the two days prior. I also became afflicted with a physical set back on Saturday night. It really wasn’t so hard on my body as it was on my mental state. I hate when I let little things escalate and ruin several days in a row, but here I am four days later, and just starting to crawl out of the abyss my body threw me into.

With all that going on, I didn’t get to many of my goals. I wrote another section of a chapter in my novel, read quite a bit in “Years of Stone”, did post to both blogs on schedule.  I didn’t, obviously, do any exercising or running. I did see some cool stuff though.
One of my day trips was to Chalkfest, 40 miles away. 

Can you believe the art work some people are able to create using chalk on the sidewalk?
The one below has to be my favorite. You can't really make out the words written in blue in the middle but it says, “I just wanted to go home.” Writing prompt: Write a story which includes that line. 


  1. Some of that art is amazing. Sounds like you managed to get some great stuff done with your goals (considering.)
    I hope you feel better soon and have a good week. x

  2. That chalk art is AMAZING. I so want to write using that prompt now, but I'm afraid it will distract me from my goals! LOL. I understand physical setbacks---I hope you got the time you needed for self-care through it.