Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What do the voices tell you?

Hard to believe it is the end of July already! And from the weather we are having here in the Northwoods, winter is just around the bend. Yikes! I am so not looking forward to winter.

Really not a bad book
This week the big goal I accomplished was finally finishing reading, “Sell Your Book Like Wildfire” by Rob Eager. I think I started it last fall. At first, I highlighted in it and wrote notes in an outline for easy future reference. I was so fired up – maybe I got that from the title.

But the more I read, the more I told myself, “this won’t work for my books, I don’t live in a place conducive to this idea, if only I knew this before publishing my books, etc., etc., etc.” Oh, those nasty voices in our heads.

Maybe, when I get my head on straight again, I’ll pick just certain chapters which may work for my books, which may work for me, and then concentrate on those marketing tools, instead of throwing the book down in disgust feeling like a big loser.

 What have the bad voices in your head been telling you? 

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  1. I try not to listen to the bad voices in my head. They're so mean! Good on you deciding to take what you can from the book.