Sunday, November 30, 2014

all that's left

The last day of November, which means tomorrow is, for me at least, the first day it is appropriate to begin the Christmas season.  Maybe I will work on Christmas cards this week. Yea, right.

It also means that we are two-thirds of the way through this Round. As much complaining as I have been doing here the last few weeks, I think I will have all of my goals in the bag in just a few weeks.

Big goal - Publish “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days”   On Friday I signed off on the final electronic proof. Both the cover and the interior look fantastic. I’m pretty excited to get a physical copy of the book in my hands within the next week or two.

Small goals
Finish writing my novel – I finished writing the really super-rough draft of my novel last Sunday. The working title has been “Jenny’s Story” or sometimes “A Tale of An American Woman”, which had started out as “A Tale of An African Boy”, when I was originally telling the story from both Jenny’s and the boy’s perspectives, but decided a while back that I should stick to one (or as it turned out, three or four perspectives) instead of seven or eight. As much work as this book has been, I don’t know if I will ever write the African Boy’s tale, but it is still a possibility. But to circle back to the beginning, I need to think of an actual title for this thing.
Work on my third devotional – I actually did a little bit of research on it and wrote a hundred words. I know, oh, boy, but a person has to start somewhere.
Submit three pieces somewhere – I have officially submitted three pieces, having been rejected by one and having not heard back yet from the other two.
Christmas program at church - Boy, I need to get to work on this, don’t I? It is just under three weeks away. Yikes.  

I spent yesterday at a craft show, once again peddling the wares of my daughter’s nonprofit organization and telling everyone I could all about it. It went quite well I thought, got rid of a lot of stuff and made $240, which I believe is the second or third highest income for a single day. The suitcase I have toted around to nine different sales in the last 17 months is getting pretty empty.
 My space at yesterday's craft show. A lot of this stuff has gone to new homes. 
All that's left in the suitcase


  1. Wow - so much accomplished! Great news about your big goal. All the best with all your writing this week.

    1. Thanks, Bev, too bad I decided not to do anything this week, but some weeks are just like that. There is always next week.