Sunday, November 2, 2014

Where does time go and where do things like giant numbers go?

Holy cow, I cannot believe it is November already. 

I have an obsession with planning vacations and on Friday I talked the hubby into taking off the first week of January with me. I told him we could fly somewhere warm. He was actually onboard with that and I spent all of Friday on line looking up various options. Today I finally came to my senses, realizing we cannot afford any such trip. I told the hubby we would just stay home that week, keep the curtains closed, all the lights on and turn up the heat – all so we could imagine that we were some place warm where there is never any snow on the ground!!!

Yup, we have snow on the ground right now and I am really dreading the next five months!

Big goal
1)      Publish “The Early Life of Jesus in 40 Days” – I had planned on getting my updated bio to my publisher this week, but that didn’t happen. It is on my to-do list for today. I did get the cover concepts from the graphic designer. It seems like none of them is ever the clear-cut winner and I always ask for some tweaking. That should be done this week. I am still waiting for the first round of edits from the editor, but I have high hopes that that will happen this week too.

Small goals
1) Submit three pieces somewhere. Haven’t submitted anything in the last week, so am still at two submissions, one a rejection and one resolution unknown.
2) Finish the novel. I did work on the novel, writing close to a thousand words (I really should return to keeping track of my word count, huh?).
3) Start my third devotional, with a tentative title of "The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days". Nope, but I had this moment of insanity this week where I thought that since everyone else is doing NaNoWriMo in November, I could write this devotional this month, writing one entry a day, two entries on some of those days, but my total word count is only around 10,000 for these books, so I should be able to easily do that, right? Yea, it’s the 2nd today and I haven’t started.
4) Christmas program at church. A family of four volunteered to run the kitchen for me, getting drinks and snacks for the Jesus Birthday Party we always have after the children’s program, but that’s about it. Our Sunday school teacher is pretty negative about getting her single class of six kids to participant much, so I gave her my pep talk and not much else to do at this point but hope and pray.  
One of the covers still in the running and I don't know where the big "40" went that should be right in the middle. 


  1. all do-able - word counts aren't that important really just the writing - a few a day adds up:) poor you - snow already - here in UK am hoping we don't see it at all this winter - I hate the stuff

    your holiday sounds good to me and wont suffer from those annoying people who want to spend every min with you and want to know your address when you say good bye - slap face must not be horrid:) you two enjoy the heating and mood lighting :)

    1. Alberta, you make me laugh. Your thoughts are so much like mine.