Wednesday, November 19, 2014

update and a photo-bomb

I’ve been feeling guilty about not posting on Wednesdays, so I thought I would write a quick update this morning to let you know, if anything else, that I am still alive.

·         The Devotional – I am still waiting for the finished cover concept. The holdup is that there was a miscommunication between me and my publisher, but that was ironed out last night, and he just this morning sent me some revised covers to review. Otherwise the layout process is coming along. My publisher says we are ahead of our timeline, but I don’t remember getting any such timeline – I just wanted 100 copies of it by mid-December so that I could sell some to my adoring fans for Christmas presents. We will see.
·         The Novel – I wrote one of the final scenes at work yesterday. Only 390 words. But it is something. I just want to sit down and finish it, but I just don’t have any blocks of time anymore.
·         The Devotional in progress – Haven’t even looked at it.
·         The Christmas program – We have a meeting at church tonight, so hopefully I will catch up with our Sunday School teacher and a few others. No one seems very enthusiastic about it this year, so it is an uphill battle. I just refuse to give up on the handful of kids we have in our church. The church will never grow if we don’t get the kids motivated and encouraged. So, I won’t give up.
·         The Nonprofit – My daughter and I worked on the nonprofit for a couple hours Sunday night. We want to start pulling together the team of volunteers she is taking to Kenya next fall, so we are writing up an information packet to give to prospective travelers. There are five people who have expressed an interest in working with us, now we just have to get their commitment. We also are going to have a booth at craft shows this Saturday and next Saturday. Three months ago, my daughter ordered more jewelry, artwork, and other items from one of her contacts in Kenya. Our package has yet to arrive. I try not to get mad about it, because I know this is just the Kenyan way, but it would be nice to have some more new stuff for the craft shows. Two months ago Maggie said she was sending it back to the states with one of her volunteers. Three weeks ago, she said she was sending it with another volunteer who was leaving that day. If only she would give me the name of that volunteer I would bug them, but I am fearful she never sent it with any volunteer. I will practice my patience. Hakuna Matata.
·         Exercise – I am trying really hard to run/do aerobics at least every other night. I have been doing pretty well, but only 10 minutes a night. I want to increase that time, but just haven’t been able to push myself.

I think that’s it for now. I was going through old pictures of the pets for my other blog, and stumbled across this picture of Betty. Don’t you love Barney photo-bombing it!


  1. sounds like you're making progress

  2. I always find exercising hard until I make it a daily habit. Then, even if I increase just a minute at a time, I know I'm doing more than the day before. :-) I hope you can do the same to meet your goals.


    P.S. Very cute kittens! Makes me miss when mine were that small!

  3. Great post! I like the progress and love the kitties. Especially the orange photo bomber. Adorable names, too. :)

    1. When Betty and Barney came to our house they joined Dino, Bam-Bam, Pebbles and Fred. I don't know why we never had a Wilma.