Sunday, January 25, 2015

it doesn't pay to despair

And I was doing so good, checking off my goals, anxious to share with you my progress. Then Friday, my modem bit the dust. Elsewhere on the World Wide Web, I have shared that whole wretched story, so I will not repeat it here (as easy as copy and paste is). It has thrown off some of my goal-keeping, but has helped in some other areas.  

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” – I’ve got eleven days written and notes on seven or eight more entries.
·         Edit 20 chapters of “Tale of an American Woman” – I’m up to 18 chapters. I think I might get the whole thing edited this Round. I am just doing a quick grammar edit, more or less. I think I am going to have to start over and really weed it out next time, but for now I am just going through it, which is why I am going through it at such a good clip.
·         Submit three items for publication – Haven’t submitted anything, but I do have that Big Excuse regarding internet access.    

As far as my goals for last week:
Continue to blog daily to my other blog, The Dino Chronicles, to fulfill the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  It took some fortitude, but I only missed one day last week. With my internet unreliability, I don’t think I am going to continue this commitment. I don’t need more stress.  
Read five other blogs, commenting on three of them. Good thing I had already accomplished this goal before my internet pooped.
Finish reading “Kisses From Katie” I even managed this before my internet died, not that it mattered, because I actually have this as a paper book. I did not tell you that in addition to my World Wide Web woes, I dropped my Kindle last week, and though it is working, it is pretty persnickety. 
Write a short piece for submission I got it written and edited and have a market in mind. Once my internet is again reliable, I will get it submitted. Isn’t it horrible how everything circles back to that. What a sad world we live in.
Write three entries in “The Early Ministry of Jesus” I haven’t written any total entries but I did write notes for several days. It has been hard to keep my focus because . . . . stop! I cannot use that excuse this time!  
Edit four chapters in “Tale of an American Woman” I believe I edited four, I thought it was more than that, but I guess not.  
Run on the treadmill three times this week I did run three times last week.
·         Finish the business plan for Tumaini Volunteers We finally heard back from someone with experience in writing a business plan and she had wonderful input for us. I still need to make those edits and fill in a few more holes.  

I also did manage to sew the scrub top which I cut out over Thanksgiving. It is a winter top, so I really should have finished it before now, but I told them at work that I really don’t care. I am going to wear it until the snow melts. (And it doesn't look like my internet connection will let me post that.)

So what can I get done in the next week:  
·         Return to blogging three times a week on my other blog, The Dino Chronicles, as it is almost the end of the month and I have given up on the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am shooting for Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, because that is going to work into my schedule better, even though two of those days I post here as well.  
·         Read five other blogs and comment on three of them, because that still seems doable.  I want to shoot for reading two blogs each day and commenting on one of them, but want to wait until I have reliable internet again to try that.
·         Finish reading “The Lutheran Ladies Circle”.
·         Submit that piece which I wrote last week.
·         Write two entries in “The Early Ministry of Jesus”.
·         Run on the treadmill three times and increase my time to at least 20 minutes.  
·         Really and truly finish the business plan for Tumaini Volunteers.
·         Finalize the volunteer packet for Tumaini Volunteers. 


  1. Hardware problems... yuck. Is it the cable company's modem (assuming you have cable) or your own? Still, not bad for all the hardware trouble.

    1. I think it is a combination. We get our internet via the phone line, but it is still supposed to be high speed. I think the lines just can't handle all the traffic anymore. But I have had problems with the desk top computer for a while. My son worked on it over Christmas, but it is still slow. I don't have too much trouble online coz I use Google Chrome, but my husband uses Internet Explorer and is constantly getting kicked out. I keep telling him to use Chrome, but he is a fuddy-duddy sometimes.

  2. You dropped your Kindle!!!!! Oh, dear. And the modem problems hopefully fixed now? Still looks like a pretty phenomenal list with real progress. I also dropped out of that UBC challenge. I just could not keep up . . . but we do have ROW80 and our other blogs to keep us focused. May you have a good week with no more tech problems!

    1. Actually I dropped the Kindle again last night so I think this time it is dead. Will have to talk to Amazon today I suppose. i am glad I am not the only one to drop out of UBC. We have to keep doing what we can with the goals we can manage. Have a great week, Beth.