Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More Ups Than Downs

Wednesday already. Here is what I have checked off my list.

Return to blogging three times a week on my other blog, The DinoChronicles. I have blogged twice this week, Sunday and Wednesday, as scheduled.
Read five other blogs and comment on three of them.  I lost track, I know I read three or four and commented on one or two. I mark down everything else I do, I don’t know why I forget to track this one. Oh, well.
Finish reading “The Lutheran Ladies Circle”. One more tale of woe – I dropped my Kindle for the second time in a week, and this time it is really dead. I really need to bite the bullet and order a new one. In the meantime, Hubby was gracious enough to loan me his, so I was able to finish reading this book on Monday.
Submit that piece which I wrote last week. Not yet, but I swear I will do it yet this week.
Write two entries in “The Early Ministry of Jesus”. I’ve actually written three entries already.
Run on the treadmill three times and increase my time to at least 20 minutes.  I’ve only run once this week so far, for 20 minutes. That is what having a migraine for two days can do to a person.
Really and truly finish the business plan for Tumaini Volunteers. I really and truly finished the most recent edit of the business plan but there are still a couple sections that are beyond my scope.
Finalize the volunteer packet for Tumaini Volunteers. Haven’t worked on it, but I have a person out there who wants a copy, so I best get on it.

My internet has been working great! I am so pleased. You read above that my Kindle does not have me pleased. Oh, well. And I did feel a headache coming on Sunday which turned full-blown migraine overnight, so I called in sick on Monday. I thought about getting a lot done on that sick day, but, um, no, I felt like crap. So I watched a few movies and actually laid low till early afternoon when I got a few random things taken care of.

And here is that scrub top that I finished last week, now that my internet is behaving so well.

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