Wednesday, January 21, 2015

what grosses you out?

I can never believe how quickly Wednesday gets here. I should be happy about that because then I only have to work on Thursday and then I get three days off from the day job.

I won’t go through my whole list of goals, I’ll save that for Sunday. Let me tell you about just one.  

I have a pattern of sleeping pretty good for a few nights and then just not being about to sleep for the next few. This has been going on for quite a while, but this winter has been complicated by the fact that my nose has been stuffed up pretty much all the time since that day back in October when I got my flu shot. Even though I work in the medical field I don’t swear by the flu shot, but I have to get one or my employer raising all kinds of cane. It just isn’t worth it. So I got my flu shot. I have never had a single problem in the past, but exactly two hours after getting it, my nose got suddenly all stuffed up and like I said already, it hasn’t cleared up since. A lot of my patients (and a friend who is a pharmacist) use a Neti-pot and believe it is a miracle. I finally broke down and got one in November. No, not a miracle. More a way to enjoy that wonderful sensation of drowning without even putting my head under water.

Ok so where was I going with this? Oh, not sleeping. So my usual pattern of sleep has been complicated even further by my nasal congestion. Coz once I am awake and can’t breathe through my nose, I should just forget about getting any more sleep. Such was my Monday night. So I finally got up a two A.M. I wrote a short piece telling a volunteer story for an upcoming edition of Chicken Soup for the Soul and then sent my daughter a volunteer proposal for our nonprofit.  So I got one thing crossed off my list (and then wrote a second thing on my list which I immediately crossed off). Not that I’m not working on the rest, but guess you will have to wait for Sunday’s check-in to see how that went. 
As you know, I always have to post a picture and almost always it is one which I took. 
Not today. 
I can watch the doctor cut a three inch cyst off someone's back. I can watch a doctor yank someone's toenails off. I can even flush gobs of wax the size of the end of my little finger, out of someone's ear. But this Neti pot thing? Water running out of someone's nose grosses me right out. Just Google Neti Pot images and you will get hundreds of pictures of real people doing this. All I could stomach was the cartoon person. 

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  1. The whole idea of Neti pots has always made me shudder.