Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Just Under the Wire

I am just getting this in under the wire.

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days” – I am up to day 10, so that would be one-quarter of the way finished.
·         Edit 20 chapters of “Tale of an American Woman” – I’ve edited a total of ten chapters. Wow that’s like half-way there.
·         Submit three items for publication – Haven’t submitted anything yet.  

That makes it look like I have been very productive. Why does it not feel that way?

As far as my goals for this week:
·         Continue to blog daily to my other blog, The Dino Chronicles, to fulfill the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  Have blogged every day so far.
·         Read five other blogs, commenting on three of them. I read at least four, if not five blogs, and know that I commented on three of them.
·         Read 35 pages of “Kisses From Katie”.  I think I read about ten pages. That’s pretty pathetic.
·         Start a short story for submission. Have not started anything.
·         Write five entries in “The Early Ministry of Jesus”.  I need to track this better, I think I wrote at least two or three.
·         Edit four chapters in “Tale of an American Woman”. I edited a total of ten chapters. Yeah!
·         Run on the treadmill three times this week. I only ran on the treadmill once so far this week. I have been coming home from work just exhausted, I don’t know why. Maybe it is the cold weather we have been having. I’m willing to cut myself some slack, but I really need to get moving.

We’ll see how much further I get by Sunday.
Looking pretty pathetic finishing my first 5K. This is why I need to run on that stupid treadmill all winter. 


  1. Congrats on your successes! And congrats on even finishing a 5K. This girl doesn't run - at all. (It's not that I don't enjoy exercise; I'm just not a runner.) Anyhoo, all the best for the remainder of the week. You're doin' great.

    1. Thanks, Steph. I never used to run, but someone from work challenged me two years ago to run a 5K. Somehow running got in my veins after all these years of hating.