Wednesday, April 15, 2015

ok, here's the excuses

Wednesday still gets here way too soon. I like to spend some time with the hubby on Sunday night, and this particular Sunday the weather was too nice to not spend most of the day outside. Then on Monday, when I don’t get home from work until nearly 7:30 at night, I just can’t get much done. Then a friend of mine that I haven’t heard from in a while called at supper time Tuesday and ruined my whole day – her mom had passed away unexpectedly the end of March. I felt so bad that I didn’t know, that I hadn’t heard, but she lives in another town and how would I have heard. I just think I should have felt a shift in the Force or something, you know?

So here we are with my meager list of accomplishments so far this week.

•             Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times. Once here and twice to the Dino Chronicles.
•             Read six blog posts, commenting on three of them. Read five blogs and commented on three.
•             Write two entries in “Early Ministry”.  Nope.
•             Edit one chapter in “Hope”. Nope.
•             Promote on each of my social media sites. This is a dumb goal. I need to pindown what that means.
•             Submit a piece. Nope.
•             Run three times. Ran twice, but my ankle is killing me. I really need to do something about that soon.

The joy of the rest of the week is that I have a meeting at church tonight and a dinner date Thursday night and have to run my sister’s dog back home on Friday. Yikes. Are your goals shaping up as good as mine are? 
Dino on the right and my sister's dog Lady on the left. It has taken them a bit to become friends. Lady is used to being the queen-bee and Dino just wants to be everybody's BFF.


  1. It looks to me like you did a fine job, considering. =) And hooray in the hugest way for this weather!

    Looks like you could have lots of fun with those two pooches!

    1. I have to take today off from writing again due to the weather. Where I live you have to take full advantage of good weather when you can. Also, Lady went home last night, so Dino is looking forward to quality time with Mom and Dad today.

  2. My dog Romeo looks a bit like Lady, but she seems to have more weight than him. Hard as I try I can't get Romeo to gain any weight and he looks soooo skinny.

    I hear you on the time between Sunday and Wednesday being so close. And it is my least active time, which is why I dropped Wednesday check-ins (and only do Sunday).

    I'm sure your goals will shine once the week continues. But, I do hope you find time to better define your one goal. I'm sure that's the key to doing better at it. :)

    1. Lady is a little chunky. I don' t think her mom and dad play with her as much as she needs to. She sure ran all week for us.

      I am going to work on defining that goal tonight as well as checking off a few of the others.

  3. Life happens! And we here at ROW80 know that for sure.
    I hope you have lots of wonderful opportunities to spend time with your hubby. That is a very good thing.
    I also hope you don't receive anymore sad news from friends. That is not something we want to happen often/at all.
    All the best for the coming week. (And yes, I know what you mean about the weeks flying by too quickly. I'm okay as long as I don't think of all I should get done by the end of May.)

    1. Getting ready to leave for a ride with the hubby right now. The weather is just too nice to stay in. Hopefully tonight I can check off a few of these goals.