Wednesday, April 22, 2015

wondering where things go

Ok, it's late and I wasn't even going to post a blog tonight. But decided, what the heck. It sure can't hurt to just throw you all a bone and give a quick update.

So far this week, I ran twice (once outside and once in the basement - stinking winter has returned to my neck of the woods), I submitted two poems to the poetry contest for Narrative Matters (they emailed me back that they have received my entry, which always makes me happy, just knowing that at least my work is in their hot little hands), I read five other blog posts and commented on three of them. Hmm? And I guess that is about in on my written goals.

For my non-written goals, the ones I haven't shared here, I spent most of tonight doing stuff for my conference this weekend. There is more I could have done, but printing the 90 page delegates packet and looking at 40 or so passwords for the email accounts I manage was enough for tonight.

Tomorrow, after all, is another day. Maybe I will even sleep in until six. This getting up at five every morning to get stuff done is kind of a drag.

That's it for now. Wish me luck with the rest of my week.
Dino wondering where the rest of the table went. I wonder where things go all the time. 


  1. I wondered where my reading glasses were yesterday. As if it's not embarrassing enough to find them perched on my head like a headband, my ten year old daughter was witness to the whole thing! She found me quite amusing.

    My mind would boggle at your conference prep. I might even have to cry.

    May it exceed your wildest imaginings! =D

    1. I consider it a chance to get in some extra exercise when I wonder around my house several times looking for my glasses! I am trying this morning to finish up on conference stuff and my printer just ran out of ink. That puts a damper on things. Oh, well. I will still have fun this weekend.

  2. Good luck with the conference and with your poetry submission! It's always exciting to hand our work off to someone else and get another set of eyes on it. I hope it goes well.

    1. Thanks, Denise, the conference may seem like a lot of work, but sitting here right now with the women I see at these things a few times a year, it is always a good time.