Wednesday, April 29, 2015

plugging away

Probably the most important goal I accomplished this week was making our airline reservations for the wedding in Dallas this summer. I wish I could say I am looking forward to it, but you know how affairs with the in-laws go. They are wonderful people, but I get so tired of the “I don’t care what we do, what do you want to do”.

After my medical assistant conference this past weekend, I also had the arduous task of changing the passwords for 30 email accounts that our state society uses. Not a difficult task, just very time consuming. Somehow I still managed to get a few things done so far this week.

Goals for this week:
• Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times. Have posted once on each.
• Read six blog posts, commenting on three of them.  Have only read two and commented on one. Will have to work on that, I guess.
• Write two entries in “Early Ministry”. Nope.  
• Edit two chapters in “Hope”.  Yes! Actually I edited all the material which the author sent me. I have done what I can.
       • Run three times.  Have run twice so far.
·         Make airline reservations for the wedding in Dallas this summer. Yes! As already mentioned. I still have to make the hotel reservations, but we know where we are staying, it is just a matter of picking up the phone. (I should add the goal of making these lines format all the same. I have no idea how this mess happens!)

To help me keep my focus, here are my WRITING GOALS for the ROUND:

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”
·         Edit seven chapters of “Hope Through God’s Redemption”
·         Submit four items for publication
·         Have worked up to running a full 5K

I’m looking at that list of goals and thinking that they are pretty unattainable at this point. But it is what it is. All I can do is keep plugging away. How are your goals shaping up? 
The road I run down. It doesn't look this long when I am running it. 


  1. You're getting some things accomplished, so I think you're doing fine. Sometimes we don't meet ALL our goals, but we should celebrate each one we DO meet. :)

    1. Thanks, Lauralynn, for the support. Yes, we should celebrate every goal achieved.