Sunday, May 3, 2015

what goals will challenge me this week?

Goals from last week:
• Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times. Accomplished.  
• Read six blog posts, commenting on three of them.  Accomplished.  
• Write two entries in “Early Ministry”. I wrote one entry! That is huge progress for me.   
• Edit two chapters in “Hope”.  Accomplished.  
       • Run three times.  I actually ran four times this week. I am still only running one mile at a time though, I have got to start increasing my distance. I only have two months till the 5K.  
·         Make airline reservations for the wedding in Dallas this summer. Accomplished!  

Looks like I am doing pretty good on those weekly goals. I should step it up a notch and add more challenges. Naa, maybe not. I think I’m good.

Goals for this week:
• Post to this blog twice, post to my other blog three times.
• Read six blog posts, commenting on three of them. 
• Write two entries in “Early Ministry”.
                • Run three times.
·         Promote my writing on social media two times. I continue to post my blogs to all my social media venues, but I need to do more than that. Post a picture from a book, or a related article. Something of more interest to strangers who stumble upon me.
·         Promote our nonprofit on social media two times. Same as above. If I am going to return to Kenya working for our nonprofit in the fall, I need to get the word out. Which reminds me I need to add another goal, perhaps the most painful and difficult to ever achieve.
·         Tell my mom I am going to Kenya in October. I know, I think I have shared this before. I am 53 years old, how is it possible that my mom still pushes my buttons. Think about it, if I am nervous every time I tell I her I’ve written another book because she will poo-poo it and find all the faults in it, instead of congratulating me, can you imagine what she says every time I tell her I am taking a trip. “What is wrong with you? You know it’s not safe over there? Can’t you think about your family? What will they do if something happens to you? You and Val need to cool it (a very common line – I need to “cool” a lot of things). This is ridiculous.” And then she’ll start crying. Yes, I know, there are issues. Sorry to vent and sorry, Mom, for sharing our dirty laundry. I probably just need counseling.
·         Make plane reservations to return to Kenya in October.

To help me keep my focus, here are my WRITING GOALS for the ROUND:

·         Finish writing “The Early Ministry of Jesus in 40 Days”
·         Edit seven chapters of “Hope Through God’s Redemption”
·         Submit four items for publication
·         Have worked up to running a full 5K

And that’s my week. How about yours?
My daughter and I with Phillip on our way to Empasse Hill in the background. What a beautiful country!


  1. You accomplished a good bit last week. Good luck with your goals this week.

  2. Loved that comment that maybe you should step it up a notch . . . and then, that neat decision, no! Because when we are being productive, this is really a gift to celebrate what we are capable of achieving, not what we could achieve in a perfect world! Having the goals, that accountability, makes a difference. As does our effort. So I hope the coming week goes well for you.