Wednesday, May 27, 2015

aren't you thrown off?

You silly, goat, how could you forget what day of the week it is?

Seriously? I can’t believe how many people posted to this Wednesday’s ROW link. How did you all know that it was Wednesday already? I’ve only worked two days this week so surely it is still only Tuesday night. It takes so very little to throw me way off.

The most exciting thing – tomorrow is Thursday and then it is Friday and I get three days off in a row from the day job. Good thing too, coz I have not gotten nearly as much done this week so far as I had hoped.

This is it: blogged on schedule (by the end of my teeth on this blog), read and commented on other people’s blogs as planned, edited the latest two chapters of my friend’s book, run three times (one long and two short), and promoted our nonprofit, Tumaini Volunteers. Oh, and I submitted something. Sort of. I sent an article to the marketing guy of the company I work for. It is about my return trip to Kenya this fall, what we hope to accomplish and what I know of Kenya and her people already. You would think it is a sure thing that he will post this on the company’s internet newsletter, but he said he would two years ago when I got back from the last trip. He apologized for letting my story “slip through the cracks”. Such is life in the big city.

So, be honest, how did you all keep track of this week? Memorial Day didn’t throw off your schedule? 


  1. I usually stay up super late on Tuesday night (super late is my norm) and link my post as soon as the linky is live.
    This week, I didn't. I did know it was Tuesday night/wee hours Wednesday, but I just didn't do it. I almost skipped the update altogether, but I realized I did that last week and I didn't want to do two weeks in a row.

    1. I go in streaks, when one week I don't sleep at all, staying up late and getting up early. Then it must catch up with me and I have to go to bed early. People will say they are an "early person" or a "late night person". I am both. It is the middle of the day that I need a siesta.

      It is easy to start skipping posts and then we feel like a failure. Glad you are sticking to posting as much as you can.

  2. We didn't do anything for Memorial day, but the neighbor kids were over to play so that did confuse my days. Looks like a productive check- in to me. Good luck from a ROW80 blog hoping friend.

    1. Thanks for the support. Hope your days going forward are no longer confused and you are having an equally productive week.